Adrian "Porthos" Jarvis

First Appearance

Rimworld Episode 4; successfully recruited in Episode 8

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Adrian "Porthos" Jarvis is one of the characters in PSJR's Rimworld series. He first appeared in Episode #4 as a pirate, attempting to attack the colony of Punchwood. Now, thanks to convincing by Procene Sartherian, he is a citizen of Punchwood.


It is revealed in Rimworld that Porthos was a Midworld sketcher when he was young, and a Midworld sailor when he grew up, before he turned to piracy and became part of Revenger Partners. When he was 24 years of age, he was incapacitated by the settlers of Punchwood (the colony on Rimworld) and put into prison. It is hoped that Porthos will be talked into joining the colony of Punchwood when he gets better; his high social skill could make convincing future prisoners to join the colony much easier. However, the fact that he gets nervous easily and is neurotic may not hold so well in the long run...

In RimworldEdit

Porthos first encountered the colony of Punchwood as a pirate. However, he wasn't sufficiently well armed to take down the colony single-handed, and was thus shot by Punchwood and Spiffy, and Chili slashed him with his knife (leaving him with a permanent scar).

For five episodes, the citizens of Punchwood (especially Chili) tried to convince Porthos to join the colony. They even equipped his prison with lights, and gave him occasional walks. However, Chili's speeches were not convincing enough for him, and he didn't join the colony. Finally, in Episode 8, Procene Sartherian was able to convince Porthos to join the colony of Punchwood.

Porthos proved his loyalty to the colony of Punchwood in Episode 11, when some pirates (including one armed with frag grenades) from Revenge Partners attempted to cause chaos for the inhabitants. Thanks to the good shooting of Porthos and his fellow colonists, the colony was saved from his former faction.

Starting SkillsEdit

  • Construction: 6
  • Growing: 3
  • Research: 3 (passionate)
  • Mining: 3
  • Shooting: 9 (passionate)
  • Melee: 7 (passionate)
  • Social: 7 (passionate)
  • Cooking: Incapable
  • Medicine: 3
  • Artistic: 6 (passionate)
  • Crafting: 3 (very passionate)

Porthos is incapable of Cooking, but that's not a problem since Pablo Punchwood, the colony's main chef, is perfectly capable of cooking meals for him. His high social skill will make convincing future prisoners to join the colony much easier.


  • Nervous -- tends to crack under pressure
  • Neurotic -- works 25% faster than usual, but his nerves can get the better of him

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