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Bill the pony is the steed of Sir Punchwood in Minecraft Lord of the Rings. His name was inspired by the real Bill* in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, which the hobbits used as their pack animal after they left Bree.


Bill the pony, unlike his LotR counterpart, was not bought from Bill Ferny* in Bree for twelve silver pennies. Instead, he was found amongst a herd of other wild Shire Ponies roaming not far from Myrtle Brockhouse's farm. Sir Punchwood, wanting a steed, started looking amongst that herd for a suitable mount. One pony was found to be the fastest pony of them all, and Punchwood took that one and rode it.


Bill the pony is a hard-working animal. Not just does he carry Sir Punchwood as he travels the lands of Middle-Earth, but he also has to carry a lot of Sir Punchwood's stuff. Originally, he was the only beast of burden, but in Episode 10 Sir Punchwood found a donkey (later named Ted) in Eriador, and now he leads the donkey wherever he goes, using the donkey to store some of his goods.

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Minor Characters: Myrtle Brockhouse
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