Borderlands 2

Paul, JumboMuffin and Pizzle Pauly get in some prep-work for Borderlands 2. They go out and start fighting it out with some Skags and Bandits. This little series promises a lot of Violence and funny moments.

Borderlands 2

List of Episodes

Borderlands E01 "Nailed It!" (Co-op, 1080HD)

Borderlands E02 "TK Baha" (Co-op, 1080HD)

Borderlands E03 "Kill Nine-Toes" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

Borderlands E04 "Hidey-Hole" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

Borderlands E05 "Skag Gully" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

Borderlands E06 "Flower Pickers" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 E01 "Funny Little Robot" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

Borderlands 2 E02 "Die More Often" (Co-op, 1080 HD)

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