Boris "Chili" O'Donnel

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Rimworld Episode 1

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Boris "Chili" O'Donnel is one of the three characters that started off PSJR's Rimworld series. He is notable for always having a meal before he starts working on anything at all.


Chili got off to a rather rough start in life; he was a rather sickly child. But that did not stop him from going on to become a deep space miner later in life, although his food consumption must have been rather high.

In RimworldEdit

Chili is the doctor and miner of the colony of Punchwood. At one point, Chili was also the warden, who attempted to convince Porthos to join the colony, but Procene Sartherian eventually arrived and relieved Chili of wardening work (which he neither enjoyed much nor was very good at).

Sometimes, Chili will conduct research on various projects at the colony's research table, a job which he is fairly good at and enjoys doing.

After Grant was killed, Chili wielded his frag grenades in later battles.

Starting SkillsEdit

  • Construction: 4 (passionate)
  • Growing: 3 (passionate)
  • Research: 7 (passionate)
  • Mining: 10 (passionate)
  • Shooting: 3
  • Melee: 3
  • Social: 1
  • Cooking: 3
  • Medicine: 8 (passionate)
  • Artistic: 3
  • Crafting: 3

Chili can do just about anything, but off all the characters in Rimworld, he is the weakest in combat, be it ranged or melee.


  • Industrious -- speaks for itself

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