Brother Vexx and Brother Mendo are the leaders of separate monk monastries of Minecraftia.

Brother VexxEdit

Brother Vexx is the leader of a group of monks in a monastry. He is a descendant of another leader of the monks from centuries ago, and thus is responsible, along with other monks in the village, to perform 'The Crafting Ritual' to keep a Wither named Dreax sealed in a desert temple. As the magic of Minecraftia slowly faded away, so did their power, and because of this, Vexx gave Pablo Punchwood a letter in a sealed book for Brother Mendo in a distant monastry. Later that day, Dreax escaped and killed Vexx and his monks. Pablo and Wilson are the only known survivors. They begin the fourteen day journey to Mendo's Village. Because of Vexx's death, the seal in the book was broken and Pablo could read it. It filled him in on the situation and continued to the village.

Brother MendoEdit

Brother Mendo is the leader of a monastry far away from Vexx. Not much is known about him, as he has yet to make an appearance.

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