Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Male
Race Zombie
Faction N/A
Health 10 Hearts
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location The lands of Minecraftia

Bub the Boy Scout is a recurring character in Season 2 of Paul Plays Minecraft.


Bub the Boy Scout has appeared in many episodes of Paul Plays Minecraft. He is a mini zombie, from Troop 666, that can appear almost anywhere. Every time he appears, Paul starts to do a bit of role-play, distorting his voice. Generally, when he appears, Bub makes a request to join the Pink Sheep Clan. Every time, however, Paul tells Bub that he cannot join for various reasons, either because of height, because he does not have the power of the Sacred Pink Sheep, or for whatever reason he can think of at the time. In the end, Bub is usually killed. However, Bub's never gone for long, as he always reappears no more than three days after being killed.

Bub also has an uncanny ability to find Paul, no matter where he's at. This is likely because Bub gets information from the spy chickens, who always tell Bub where he's at. Sometimes, they even give Bub a ride.