Minecraft Tutorials - E61 Cozy Cabin - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive III)

Minecraft Tutorials - E61 Cozy Cabin - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive III)

Cozy Cabin is Paul's main home in Minecraft Adventure 1.2 and Punchwood Island, and his holiday home in Survive and Thrive.

Structure (Survive and Thrive)Edit

Cozy Cabin is a large snow-themed house. It is held up from the ground by Spruce logs used as beams. The walls are made up of birch wooden planks (Oak in Adventure 1.2) and large glass panes. The building has two floors, the first floor has three rooms and the second floor has two. Both have a balcony. The first room is the kitchen, which has a sandstone floor, the next room to the left is the dining room, which has a birch planks floor, and the final room is the living room, which has a jungle wood floor and a 2x2 set of glass above a stream of water, letting in the pleasing sound of running water. There is another door which leads out to a small balcony. On the centre beam, a ladder goes up to the second floor. The first room entered is the bedroom, the next a storage room, and finally, the main balcony.


In the tutorial for item frames and flower pots, Paul added a bit of decoration to Cozy Cabin, including a melon, a cake, a fishing pole, a fish, and an Iron sword (for the zombie / creeper apocolypse). In addition, he also used flower pots, putting a yellow flower on the table, a sapling (Sappy) and a fern next to the balcony door and a cactus in the bedroom. However, despite the setting, there is no fireplace.