Cube World is an Open-World, RPG voxel-based game which Paul occasionally plays.

List of EpisodesEdit

Cube World E1 "Gordo the Goblin Ranger"

Cube World E2 "Pokemon Pets - Catch 'em all!"

Cube World E3 "Multiplayer test with a French Lizard-Wizard"

Cube World E4 "Raiding Duraka Castle"

Cube World E5 "Ranger and Mage Co-op Adventure"

Cube World E6 "Biggest Cave Yet"

Cube World E7 "Giant Zombie Boss"

Cube World E8 "Under the Sea"

Cube World E9 "Beach Day with Chirpa"

Cube World E10 "Tropical Island City"

Cube World E11 "Sailing to Exotic Lands"

Cube World E12 "JAWS"

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