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Farley is the dog of Sir Punchwood in Minecraft Lord of the Rings.


Farley was born in the late Third Age of Middle-Earth, in the woodlands of Eriador. Before being tamed by Sir Punchwood, he was just like any ordinary wolf; he ate rabbits, sheep, cows, and even birds when he could get his teeth on him. Sir Punchwood came across him one day while walking the wilds of Eriador, and gave him a few bones dropped by slain Rangers. Oddly enough, Farley accepted them, and became Sir Punchwood's pet dog.


As a dog, Farley does not have a ranged attack, and he is not aligned with any particular faction. Farley's style of attack is biting his enemies (chiefly Orcs). Unfortunately, he does not wear any armour, and as such, is not particularly good at fighting Orc Archers. His advantage over Odo Baggins, however, is that he won't attack Orcs (and won't be attacked by Orcs) unless Sir Punchwood tells him to attack. With the death of Odo Baggins, Farley is currently Sir Punchwood's only ally in the dangerous wild of Middle-Earth.

Major Characters: Sir Punchwood Gandalf the Grey Odo Baggins
Minor Characters: Myrtle Brockhouse
Animals: Bill Farley Ted

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