This page describes all the rules and regulations concerning the forums and discussion boards.

No links to illegal sites

Self explanatory.

Do not pretend to be a Reddit page Moderator/Paulsoaresjr/Famous Youtuber/Wiki admin

Doing any of these things is definitely not permitted and will be regarded as an offense.

Note: If you are in fact a famous YouTuber creating an account for this wiki, we will verify that by commenting on your YouTube message wall.

Don't reveal the names of PSJR's children

Paulsoaresjr doesn't want the names of his children revealed. Revealing them on this wiki is likely to get you sent to Mordor for a time.

No profanity/inapproprite language

If goes down, you can use the forums on this wiki to discuss Paulsoaresjr and his series. But, just like on Punchwood, we do not want any innapropriate language or any behavour that is not family friendly. Swearing can lead to bans.

No begging to be white-listed on the Punchwood Server

Begging to get you white-listed on Paul's Punchwood Minecraft Survival Server (PWMS) is not permitted.

No jibberish comments/forum posts

This constitutes spam and will be handled as such.

No solicitation

Solicitation isn't allowed. Think about it -- would you send money to a random stranger? So please don't ask for money on this site. If you want to send money to Paulsoaresjr, check his channel; there are ways to do so.

No whining about bans/mutes

If you get banned from or a server, don't rant about it here. Usually, if you got banned from or a Minecraft server, there was a good reason behind it. And, anyways, there's not much the moderators of this wiki can do to help you get unbanned. Your best bet is to ask the server owner or the moderator that banned you why you got banned, and talk it out with him.

Ranting about bans or mutes on this site will likely result in you not only being banned from Punchwood/your server, but also the wiki. The moderators can check IP addresses easily and ban any account stemming from a particular IP address.

Post in the appropriate part of the forum

Make sure that when you post, it goes in the proper category. This will make it easier for us to find your post and respond to it.

No vandalising pages

Vandalism of wiki pages is likely to get you banned.

Make sure to include your Minecraft Username, or sign into the forums before posting

That way, you'll have a username, and people will know who you are.

No goodbye topics

These simply create unnecessary drama and have no place on this site.

No mini-modding

Mini-modding is pretending to be a moderator when you're not one. Contrary to what you might think, it's not helpful. Please report anything you find doesn't comply with the rules to a moderator/admin.

Don't post comments to Paul and his family here

PSJR's family doesn't read this wiki. Saying "You rock" and similar comments to Paul and his family here is considered clutter, and we don't like clutter because...

  • Clutter slows us down
  • Clutter makes us cringe
  • Clutter scares us away and makes us not want to come here so often because we have to dig through so much...clutter!

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