GenerikB is a rather well-known YouTuber, and one of Paul's Amigos on his channel. He is also the creator of the Attack of the B-Team modpack. GenerikB is a member of the B-Team along with BdoubleO100, also known as "B Dubs". Generik B helped Paul remove a jungle in Mindcrack SMP Episode 15. Generik plays on the AOTBT server with Paul.


GenerikB plays many of the same video games that Paul plays. He started out, similar to Paul, by making Minecraft videos, but later on, he diversified, and made series of Stranded Deep, The Escapists, and more indie games. Sometimes, Paul and GenerikB team up as a co-op and play games together, including Unturned and, most famously, Attack of the B-Team.

Attack of the B-TeamEdit

The Attack of the B-Team Modpack is a custom modpack on the Technic launcher that was made by both GenerikB and BDoubleO. It contains a number of mods found in other packs such as Feed the Beast, and was used in one of Paul's series. Other members include BDoubleO100, ChimneySwift, Keralis, Pungence, Skyzm, Woofless, and Glis. In episode 37 of Attack of the B-Team, Paul remarks how Generik has been flooded in Bulgaria by global warming. Generik pranked Paul with his "Cheap Knockoffs" and an auto spawner earlier in the series. He also sold a plot to Paul to complete his exotic imports shop, and in return Paul gave Generik one of the two spiders he captured, the other used to Prank ChimneySwift in episode 13.

Members of the B-TeamEdit

  • GenerikB (also know as Genny, or the Hermit)
  • BDoubleO100 (also known as Bdubs)
  • Pungence (also known as PungyBoy)