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Paulsoaresjr (father)
MinecraftMom (mother)


CheifChirpa (brother)
Remmi (sister)

First Appearance:

Minecraft Dad S1 E1

Last Appearance:

No information


Minecraft Dad Server




Alfred (mentioned)
Bob (deceased)
MiniMuffin (possibly deceased)

JumboMuffin (often simply called Jumbo) is Paul's eldest son. JumboMuffin is his minecraft name. Paul doesn't allow his family to give away their real names, but MinecraftMom, Remmi, and ChiefChirpa have forgotten and called him by his real name numerous times. One of the most famous faces in Paul's videos, Jumbo is a skilled PVP-er and a Parkour Expert. He is known to enjoy the use of TNT, Flint and Steel (Similar to his brother, ChiefChirpa) and damage potions. He often uses an Assassins Creed skins in his videos, but has changed it to that of a singer, a walking "Jumbo" muffin and, for the first few episodes of Punchwood Island Family Survival, had a skin very similar to VintageBeef's. He sometimes bothers Paul, but also likes to backstab Remmi when she isn't looking (especially if Remmi just killed Paul a whole bunch of times).

On the old family server he was the owner of the decorations shop and he was the owner of the Church on his new server. He had three wolves on his family server. Alfred who was never seen on screen. Bob who was in a two part episode of Minecraft Dad, however the dog was sadly killed by Paul. JumboMuffin quickly avenged his fallen comrade.

There was also MiniMuffin who only appeared in one episode when Paul was building his Cozy Cottage. Nobody knows what happened to MiniMuffin but it is presumed he was killed off-camera. He is also the only one of Paul's kids who uploads videos to Youtube on a channel known as AdventureWild, whilst Remmi owns a channel but does not upload herself. JumboMuffin also owns the Sky Temple Gym in the Pixelmon server Paul plays on. Paul lost badly.