This page is a listing of all the minor characters in Paul Soares Jr's Rimworld series, in the order of their appearance.

Season 1Edit


Crouca was an archer from Cab Driver's Rock who visited the colony between Episodes 2 and 4. It was thought that she might be useful when Punchwood's pet squirrel went mad, but the squirrel was interested in Punchwood, and only Punchwood.


Similarly to Crouca, Canto was a melee warrior from Cab Driver's Rock who visited the colony between Episodes 2 and 4. He did not interact with the citizens, and went on his way after spending a considerable amount of time admiring the colony.


Isodora was an assassin from Revenge Partners (the same colony that Porthos came from) who attempted to slay the members of the colony using a pistol. Despite her legendary shooting and melee skills, she was shot and slain in Episode 6, and buried later on in that episoe after her clothes were stripped.


Okapi was a keeper tribeswoman from Comareiro of Chough who attempted to attack the colony using a Pila (a group of multiple throwing spears). She was shot and slain in Episode 10, although Paul Soares Jr wishes that she would have remained alive, for she would have made a pretty decent colonist with relatively balanced skills in all departments.


Val was a chief from the same tribe as Okapi. He attacked the colony of Punchwood wielding a steel club (which Paul Soares Jr coveted). Like his comrade, he got shot at in Episode 10, but unlike Okapi, he ran away after realizing that defeat was near, and after he got shot in the heart. It is unlikely that Val ever made it back home; Paul suspects that Val bled to death on the way.


Cervexa was a gatherer who appeared in Episode 11, from Orange Manatee Breixos. He did not attack the colony or interact with it, and simply walked around it minding his own business.


Zepy was one of two pirates from Revenge Partners in Episode 11 who attempted to attack the colony of Punchwood with a pistol. Zepy didn't get far, though; he was shot down before he even crossed the swamp at the south end of the colony.


Jennings was the other shooter from Revenger Partners in the Episode 11 invasion. He ran away after seeing that the colony of Punchwood wasn't going to be as easy to take down as he first thought.


Grant was another pirate from Revenger Partners. He attacked in Episode 11, along with his two comrades, and he used Frag Grenades (causing quite a scare for Paul Soares Jr, who had to make his characters run all over the place in order to avoid getting blown up). However, the shooters of Punchwood took out Grant, and nobody got hurt.


Theodore was a combat negotiator from Cab Drivers Rock who visited the colony in Episode 13, but did not interact with it in any way.


Taras was a surgeon from Cab Drivers Rock who visited the colony in Episode 14.


Tomboy was a noble from Cab Drivers Rock who visited the colony in Episode 14.


Skipper was a teacher from Cab Drivers Rock who visited in Episode 14, just after the citizens of Punchwood cleaned up their colony.


Geo was a janitor from Cab Drivers Rock who visited in Episode 14 (ironically, he visited just after the big clean in the colony of Punchwood).


Marle was a scientist from Cab Drivers Rock who visited in Episode 14.


Hammer was another member of the group of visitors from Cab Drivers Rock who visited in Episode 14. His occupation was a noble.


Wise was a joywirer of Revenge Partners who attacked in Episode 15. He planned to set fire to the walls of the colony and attack the colonists later, although his weapon of choice (a shoddy wooden shiv) combined with his poor combat skills, would have barely been enough to kill a rabid squirrel if it was to attack him. After sustaining several shots, both from the turrets and from Punchwood's R-4 charge rifle, Wise was considered as a possible candidate for a new colonist, but the amount of medicine required to heal him would have been so great that Paul decided it was not worthwhile.


Hiroto was a drone from Revenge Partners, who joined up the rear during an attack in Episode 15 using an M-24 rifle. However, he never managed to do much, because after seeing his three companions slain, he fled in panic, much to the disappointment of Paul, who would have wanted to give Porthos the M-24, and Punchwood the armoured vest.


Vas was a mercenary of Revenge Partners, who attacked the colony with an awful sandstone shiv. Needless to say, he was unsuccessful in the attempt, and died after sustaining hits from the turrets, Punchwood's R-4 rifle, and Spiffy's pistol.


Mikhail was an herbalist from Revenge Partners, with a bad back and a bite scar. He used a basic pistol to attack the colony, and was not considered a significant threat (Punchwood's M-24 and Chili's frag grenades were more than any of the invaders could handle). Punchwood's R-4 quickly put him out of his misery, with help from the turrets.


Braddock was a botanist of Revenge Partners, who appeared in Episode 16. He used an M-24 to attack the colony, but fled after seeing three of his partners die in battle, but not before being shot by Porthos.


Saski was a Quack from Revenge Partners, seen in Episode 16. She attacked the colony of Punchwood using a basic pistol. After a few shots from Punchwood and the turrets, she was injured, and was slain by Chili's frag grenades.


Huntsman was an assassin from Revenge Partners, who was seen in Episode 16. He used an T-9 incendiary launcher as his weapon. He was shot, blown up, and slain in the same episode -- but not before hitting Punchwood a few times. This incident resulted in Spiffy treating Punchwood's injuries.


Kay was a basic pirate from Punchwood's favourite pirates, the Revenge Partners. Her weapon of choice was a poor-quality wooden shiv. Needless to say, it didn't work well against the well-trained shooters of Punchwood.

Season 2Edit


A visitor from City-at-the-forest, who dropped by in Episode 2. She had a poor pistol, but didn't attack.


Isodora was a very young (16) town guard of City-at-the-forest, though her official title was a settler. She carried a poor survival rifle, and was seen in Episode 2.


A visitor (technically a hierarch) from City-at-the-forest, who visited in episode 2. He carried a shoddy steel shiv, and visited in Episode 2.


A strangely-named janitor from City-at-the-forest who visited in episode 2. His name may have stemmed from the fact that he spent all of his working day cleaning tables after people made them dirty. Oddly enough, the weapon he carried wasn't a broom or a mop, but a decent pistol.


Another visitor who appeared in Episode 2, Lilith came from Compassion's Cave. She started life as an exile, but became a town councilor of that colony in time.


A warrior from the tribe of White Baboon Carro who appeared in episode 2. He carried a good quality steel spear, but wasn't hostile.


Officially a gatherer from White Baboon Carro, but later became the chief of that tribe. She carried a good-quality great bow, but had no intention of using it on any of the colonists of Punchwood.


A scout from White Baboon Carro who visited in Episode 4. She came equipped with a normal-quality marble club.


Tol was a weaver from White Baboon Carro who appeared in Episode 4. Carried a good-quality stack of Pila.


A tender from White Baboon Carro in Episode 4.


A passive gatherer from White Baboon Carro who appeared in Episode 4, carrying a poor-quality granite club.


A pest guard from White Baboon Carro who dropped by in Episode 5.


A weaver from White Baboon Carro, who visited in Episode 5.


Another visitor from White Baboon Carro, Rodaballo was another weaver.


A war chief from the White Baboon Carro, Val visited the colony in Episode 5 -- with friendly intentions. He carried a steel spear.


Strike was a trader from the Bloody Monkeys who attacked between Episodes 6 and 7. In the course of the fight, he was knocked out and severely injured, but the colonists of Punchwood healed him up and let him go his own way. They didn't recruit him because he was a slouch.


Ryu was one of the survivors who appeared when Nora opened some ancient cryptosleep caskets in Episode 7. When he got out, he simply walked away.


Lock was another one of the characters who appeared in Episode 7 when the caskets were opened. Owing to a shortage of hospital beds, he was put into the prison bed to recover, and he left later in Episode 8.


A visitor from City-at-the-Forest who appeared in Episode 9, she was a researcher. She carried a poor quality steel knife.


A barkeep from the City-at-the-Forest, who appeared in Episode 9. Although a mercenary gunner at that colony, he might have had some trouble doing his job, owing to his poor-quality survival rifle.


An herbalist from City-at-the-Forest, visiting in Episode 9. He was a town guard, but guarding with a shoddy pistol couldn't have been an easy job.


A luddite from City-at-the-Forest who visited in Episode 9. She guarded the town using a pistol, similar to Hayden, but at least her pistol was in good shape.


Joshua was a gnomebiologist from Compassion's Cave, who dropped by in Episode 9. Oddly enough, he didn't carry a microscope or other biological research proposals; instead, he carried an awful wooden mace.


A pest guard from The Red Stream People who attacked the colony in Episode 11 using a superior limestone club. He was not very successful against the colony's firearms, despite having a melee skill of 11, and even though he got close enough to Peggy to attack her, he was only able to deliver a few bruises.


A loner from The Red Stream People who attacked in Episode 11 using a normal-quality great bow. She was 76 years of age, though, and suffered from cataracts and dementia, making it hard for her to shoot accurately despite her high level of 8.


A weaver from The Red Stream People, attacking using a good steel club in Episode 11. She knew how to use it, having a melee level of 8, but didn't last long when Punchwood took the LMG out on her.


Chief of The Red Stream People who used a good-quality great bow to attack, in Episode 11. He was highly skilled in melee and ranged combat, being level 11 in both. He was 40 years old biologically, but over 1'000 years old chronologically. His skills didn't work against the guns of Punchwood, though, and he was quickly shot and killed by Punchwood and Peggy.


An archer from The Red Stream People who used a poor great bow in warfare against the Punchwood colony. His low shooting skill of zero wasn't much use, especially when Joy started shooting at him with an incendiary launcher. Joy quickly shot him as he was running away and he was killed instantly by her launcher.


A visitor from White Baboon Carro who dropped by in Episode 11. He carried a good sandstone club, and slept in the middle of the town in the rain while the colonists were busy fighting randits.


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