After escaping the Twighlight forest, Pablo returns to Minecraftia and makes a shocking discovery: he's been gone for months and the healing magic has  disappeared. Because of this, Dreax, a mysterious creature (a Wither Boss) imprisoned in a temple escapes and pursues Pablo and Wilson as they play Mailman to bring an emergency letter to Brother Mendo of the distant monk village.

Pablo learns from the monks that the only way to heal is to eat a golden apple (which is crafted by surrounding a apple in a crafting table with golden ingots), eating an enchanted golden apple, or brewing a potion of instant health / regeneration (though these can only be brewed using ingredients from the nether).


  1. Ritual Gone Bad
  2. Hard Wear
  3. Wounded
  4. Desert Tomb
  5. Golden Apple
  6. Sense of Urgency
  7. Frozen Tundra
  8. Smoked Out
  9. Losing it
  10. Monster Island
  11. Jungle Ruin
  12. Slime Siege
  13. Mendo's Journal
  14. Dreax (Special One-Hour Episode)

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