Man vs Minecraft - Day 1 "One man. One life19:04

Man vs Minecraft - Day 1 "One man. One life. Let's roll!"-0

Day One of Man vs. Minecraft

Man vs Minecraft


Day one of Man vs Minecraft, a role-play series where Paul, or in this case, Pablo Punchwood, must travel north and survive for fourteen days.


Pablo has limited resources and a small pack to carry them. He can only carry 18 items, and twelve of each.  He can craft a make-shift quiver using leather boots and two pieces of string. A quiver can carry up to 25 arrows. These do not take up space in the inventory. He must eat twice per day: breakfast and dinner. If food is still raw by the next morning, it's rancid and has to be thrown out. He must also find a clean body of water to drink from every day. He has to use the environment as his shelter. He can only craft wood and stone tools. If he dies, it's over, for he only has one life.

Episode 1Edit

This episode, Pablo explains the situation and his rules. He gathers wood, food coal and stone and finds his very first shelter.

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