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Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore S9 E1 "Team Cobblehaters"


Mindcrack UHC

Mindcrack UHC

Mindrack Ultra Hardcore is a series started by Guude on February 22 2012. It currently has 14 seasons.

WARNING: This page contains spoilers for UHC Season 9 and on.

Season 9Edit

Paul joined Mindrack on 12 December 2012. He was invited to to season 8 of Mindcrack UHC but it was on a day he could not do. Instead, he started UHC on Season 9. He was playing with MCGamer, Pakratt and Nebris as Team Cobblehaters, named after a series his teammates make. All four were killed. Pakratt and Nebris died in the Nether in episode 3. MCGamer was killed by Team Nancy Drew in episode 6 and Paul was slain by the Ender Dragon in episode 7. Team Nancy Drew won the season and all team members were alive.

List of DeathsEdit

Episode 3Edit

  1. Pakratt0013 was fireballed by Blaze
  2. Nebris burned to death

Episode 4Edit

  1. Millbee hit the ground too hard

Episode 6Edit

  1. MCGamer was shot by W92Baj
  2. Docm77 was slain by Zombie Pigman

Episode 7Edit

  1. Sethbling was slain by Ender Dragon
  2. BlameTC was slain by Ender Dragon
  3. Mhykol was slain by Ender Dragon
  4. Avidya was slain by Ender Dragon
  5. Paulsoaresjr was slain by Ender Dragon

​List of PlayersEdit

Team Nancy DrewEdit

  1. Guude
  2. W92Baj
  3. Pauseunpause
  4. VintageBeef

Fairly HardcoreEdit

  1. Avidya
  2. BlameTC
  3. Mhykol
  4. Sethbling (Special Guest)

Team DOOKEEdit

  1. BdoubleO
  2. Docm77
  3. Etho
  4. Kurtmac

Team CobblehatersEdit

  1. MCGamer
  2. Nebris
  3. Pakratt
  4. Paulsoaresjr

Team PottymouthsEdit

  1. AnderZEL
  2. Generikb
  3. Millbee
  4. Pyro_0

Season 10Edit

Paul took part in Season 10 as well. He was with Pakratt again, and Etho, as Team PEP. He and Etho were slain by team PIMP in episode 5, and Pakratt was slain by Docm77 in episode 7. Team PIMP won the season, and only Pauseunpause survived (Pyro was slain by Etho in ep 5, MCGamer was slain by Zisteau in the last episode.

List of DeathsEdit

Episode 3Edit

  1. Generikb was slain by Avidya

Episode 5Edit

  1. AnderZEL was slain by Kurtmac
  2. Nebris was slain by Kurtmac
  3. Millbee was shot by Avidya
  4. Paulsoaresjr was slain by Pyro_0
  5. Pyro_0 was slain by Etho
  6. Etho hit the ground too hard (technically slain by Pause)

Episode 7Edit

  1. Pakratt was slain by Docm77

Episode 8

  1. W92Baj was shot by VintageBeef
  2. BlameTC was shot by Guude
  3. Mhykol blew up (Creeper)
  4. Guude was slain by Wolf (Jsano's)
  5. Jsano19 was slain by MCGamer

Episode 9Edit

  1. Kurtmac was slain by Docm77
  2. Avidya was shot by BdoubleO100

Episode 10Edit

  1. VintageBeef was shot by BdoubleO100
  2. Docm77 was shot by Pauseunpause
  3. MCGamer was slain by Zisteau
  4. Zisteau was shot by Pauseunpause
  5. BdoubleO was shot by Pauseunpause

List of PlayersEdit

Team SobrietyEdit

  1. Avidya
  2. Mhykol
  3. Kurtmac

Team Blame The Generik BeefEdit

  1. BlameTC
  2. Generikb
  3. VintageBeef

Team UppercatsEdit

  1. BdoubleO
  2. Docm77
  3. Zisteau

Team PIMPEdit

  1. MCGamer
  2. Pauseunpause
  3. Pyro_0

Team MANEdit

  1. AnderZEL
  2. Millbee
  3. Nebris

Team PEPEdit

  1. Etho
  2. Pakratt
  3. Paulsoaresjr

Team Guude BJEdit

  1. W92Baj
  2. Guude
  3. Jsano19

Team PIMP won the season

Season 11Edit

Unfortunetely, Paul did not do Season 11, due to family reasons.

List of DeathsEdit

Episode 1Edit

  1. Avidya was slain by AnderZEL
  2. Dinnerbone was slain by Docm77
  3. Jsano decided to quit due to his terrible connection.
  4. Pauseunpause was slain by Enderman

Episode 2Edit

  1. Docm77 was shot by Skeleton

Episode 3Edit

  1. Generikb was slain by Etho
  2. ShreeyamGFX was shot by Skeleton

Episode 4Edit

  1. W92Baj blew up (Creeper)

Episode 5Edit

  1. Vintagebeef was shot by Etho
  2. Kurtmac was slain by BdoubleO100

Episode 6Edit

  1. MCGamer blew up (Creeper)
  2. Pakratt0013 was slain by Millbee

Episode 7Edit

  1. Pyro_0 was slain by Nebris
  2. Nebris was slain by Wolf (Pyro_0's)

Episode 8Edit

  1. Millbee tried to swim in lava.

Episode 9Edit

  1. AnderZEL was slain by Wolf (Guude's)
  2. Zistaeu went up in flames
  3. Guude was shot by Etho
  4. BdoubleO100 was shot by Etho

Episode 10Edit

  1. Etho was slain by BlameTC

List of PlayersEdit

  1. AnderEL
  2. Avidya
  3. W92Baj
  4. BdoubleO
  5. BlameTC
  6. Dinnerbone (Special Guest)
  7. Docm77
  8. Etho
  9. Generikb
  10. Guude
  11. Jsano
  12. Kurtmac
  13. MCGamer
  14. Millbee
  15. Nebris
  16. Pakratt
  17. Pauseunpause
  18. Pyro_0
  19. ShreeyamGFX
  20. VintageBeef
  21. Zisteau

BTC won the season

Season 13Edit

Paul took part in Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore Season 13, however his footage was lost along with clips from Punchwood Island. This season was 5 teams of 4, similar to season 9, and features three special guests: Dinnerbone, Grumm and OldManWillakers. Paul was teamed with Etho, Pyro and Grumm as team NO. Most of the team was eliminated by AnderZEL and Pauseunpause of team OP, killing Paul, Grumm and Etho, until Pyro managed to kill both of them. During this event, Guude and VintageBeef were in an abandoned mineshaft, therefore not present for the fight, however arrived later and killed Pyro before he could do anything after the fight.


  • NO! - paulsoaresjr, Etho, Grumm, Pyro_0
  • Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling - OldManWillakers, BdoubleO100, Pakratt, Sethbling
  • OP - Guude, VintageBeef, AnderZEL, Pauseunpause
  • All Business - BlametheController, Dinnerbone, MCGamer, jsano19
  • BAND - Avidya, Docm77, Nebris, W92Baj

Team Old-Double-Ratt-Bling won the season.


  • This is Pakratt's first UHC win, despite being killed right away.
  • The same team used valuable resources on useless items, such as a golden sword and a jukebox, and both of these became a popular topic to bring up on the Mindcrack subreddit. The jukebox is also used in season 14's intro.
  • Team NO! (Paul's team) died first, and all of they're deaths were to team OP.

Season 14Edit

Again, Paul was unable to make this season. This season uses a mumble plug-in, which means all players stay in the skype call, however they can only hear each other when within mumble radius. This season was in 10 teams of 2.

  • MCGamer & Nebris (Team LG [Lapis + Glowstone])
  • Kurt & Mhykol (Team 2/3 Sobriety)
  • Arkas & Pauseunpause (Team Parkas/Falling Dutchmen/ArkasUnpause)
  • BTC & Pakratt (Team Always Never Dies
  • Generikb & Baj (Team Ol' Yeller)
  • Doc & Jsano (Team DocSano)
  • Guude & Etho (Team Cavalry/Ninja Turtles)
  • Pyro & Avidya (Team Boobies)
  • SethBling & AnderZEL (Team Swedish Meatballs)
  • Vechs & Zisteau (Team Fate/Super Hostile)

Team Parkas won the season.


  • This season's intro begins with a jukebox. This can either be a reference to the mumble or Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling's jukebox from the previous season.
  • This is Vechs and Arkas's first season.
  • This makes Arkas the fourth person to win his first season of UHC, and the third Mindcracker (along with MCGamer, OldManWillakers and Nebris)

Season 15Edit

Season 15 of Mindcrack UHC featured 6 teams of 3. As usual, Paul was not present for the season. The season did not have any special rules, it was a plain, vanilla UHC game.


  • Seth, Etho, Arkas - Team Red SEA
  • Generik, Vechs, Jsano - Team Gecho
  • Doc, Guude, MCGamer - Team Dr. MCBoulderfist
  • Beef, Nebris, Pyro - Team Cheaty Hot Beef
  • Pause, Anderz, BTC - Team Passive Aggressive
  • Zisteau, Pakratt, Baj - Team PakkerbajZ

Season 16Edit

Season 16 of Mindcrack UHC features 8 teams of 3. The changes for this season are Enternal Day and a constantly shrinking border. As usual, Paul wasn't available for this season. This season features 3 guests; Lorgon, Dinnerbone and oldGanon


  • Team Banjo - Baj, Anderz, Etho
  • Team PVP - Pause, VintageBeef, Pakratt
  • Team Bob Hoskins - Millbee, Lorgon, BTC
  • Team DBMC the OG - Dinnerbone, MCGamer, oldGanon
  • Team Parents - BdoubleO, Guude, Aurey
  • Team Pretty in Pink - Arkas, Avidya, Vechs
  • Team Justis League - Seth, Jsano, Nebris
  • Team Divided Europe - Kurt, Doc, Pyro


  1. VintageBeef was shot by Millbee
  2. Millbee was slain by Pauseunpause
  3. BlameTC was slain by Pauseunpause
  4. brianmcn was slain by Pauseunpause

List of EpisodesEdit

Season 9Edit

  1. Team Cobblehaters
  2. Lost in the Nether
  3. So Much Death
  4. Voice From Beyond
  5. Jackpot!
  6. Enemy Spotted!
  7. So Lonely (Finale)

Season 10Edit

  1. It Burns!
  2. Dungeon Goodies
  3. River Boating
  4. Sneaking
  5. Battle by the Sea

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