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The video starts with Paul returning to the town to give Remmi some pork chops and gets himself some black wool. He then notice there are spy chickens on the server as well. After giving Remmi the pork chop they return to Zin's house to sleep. After waking up Paul goes to carry on with Cozy Cottage and gets some wood while JumboMuffin decides to make a new house. While Paul starts putting up a wall for his basement Jumbo is chased by a Creeper and Paul goes to help. They mannage to kill it but Paul takes the gunpowder but insted gives to Jumbo for his store. Paul returns to his Quarry to get some more cobblestone and coal. Meanwhile, Jumbo trys to get Remmi to hit him so Bob could attack her. Jumbo goes to Paul, who attacks him but he sends Bob in, but he was slain by Paul. While Jumbo is upset and angry, he kills Paul. Paul respawns in Zin's house and returns to collect his stuff. But since he can't find the Quarry he follows Jumbo while he looks for a new dog. He sees Remmi and finds from her. When he is found by her he runs back into the Quarry and collects his stuff and continues digging for cobblestone. After that he continues building his Cozy Cottage. During his time building his Cottage Jumbo makes a tomb for Bob. But his is interrupted by Remmi who is cutting down his trees in his backyard. He attacks her but then is killed by her while try to throw an egg at her. Put Jumbo takes revenge and kills her too. They both go and collect up there stuff. It starts to dark and Remmi goes to Jumbo cause she thinks he has her wooden planks and Paul lost his sticks. But then Remmi has a bad cough and she desicdes that should go back to bed. Paul decides to log off while Remmi and Jumbo argue. Before Paul logs off he plant some more saplings.

But the video still continues as he logs back on cause he messed up the flooring of his cottage. Just before he finished fixing the floor Remmi says that she has a stone pickaxe like a dimond pickaxe.


Minecraft Dad Does your dog bite

Minecraft Dad Does your dog bite