This is the first episode in Season Two of paulsoaresjr's Minecraft How to Survive and Thrive series. He opens the video by explaining Minecraft in a nutshell while on the home screen. He then creates a new world, naming it Tutorial World II, and briefly explains that he had another, older S&T series. Then he clicks Create New World and spawns in Minecraftia.


Paul finds a tree very close to his spawn point and explains how to 'punch' it (click it and hold the mouse button until the block breaks), and get wooden blocks. He collects 7 logs, which he turns to 24 planks, with which he makes 12 sticks and a Crafting Table, with one log left for charcoal. He finds a pit with coal in the side, and creates a wooden pickaxe to mine the coal and some stone, for stronger tools. As he mines in further, he finds iron, to make even stronger tools. He then brings the workbench inside, as the sun sets, and crafts a stone pickaxe to collect the iron in the back of his Hidey Hole. With that he blocks the door with cobblestone to hide from skeletons and their arrows. Paul then wraps up the video and requests that everyone were to like, comment and subscribe to his channel. 

Minecraft Tutorials - E01 How to Survive your First Night (UPDATED!)15:15

Minecraft Tutorials - E01 How to Survive your First Night (UPDATED!)

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