Minecraft Tutorials - E71 Fireworks (Survive and Thrive Season 4)20:35

Minecraft Tutorials - E71 Fireworks (Survive and Thrive Season 4)

In this episode, Paul shows us Soarvivors how to create and use the new Minecraft Firework. He uses Redstone, Dispensors and Delays to put on a fantastic show for Tang and the hostile mobs.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Hello, and welcome to my Minecraft Tutorial, This is episode number 71 in my 'How to Survive and Thrive' Series. And in this episode, Tang and I are going to make beautiful fireworks together! That ... didn't sound right ... did it? So let me reiterate that. Tang is going to assist me in my endeavour to create fireworks for your entertainment and edification! There, that was better.

-Paul opening the video


Paul instructs the viewers on how to make and use fireworks at his tower of power. Afterwards, he goes off to make a fireworks show for all the pets, undead, and creepers in the vicinity.

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