Minecraft Tutorials - E78 Daylight Sensor Solar Panel (Survive and Thrive Season 5)

Minecraft Tutorials - E78 Daylight Sensor Solar Panel (Survive and Thrive Season 5)

Time to go green! In this episode, Paul discusses the daylight sensor, a feature added in the redstone update, and uses it to build a new lighting system for his tower of power. Well, if the spies don't  get to it, that is...

Daylight SensorEdit

The daylight sensor is crafted with three glass blocks, three nether quartz, and three wooden slabs. When placed, it automatically reads the sun's position in the sky (artificial light sources like torches and glowstone don't count), and sends a signal to all redstone currents linked to it. The strength of the signal depends on how high the sun is in the sky (e.g. noon is when the signal is strongest while there's no signal at night or the early hours of morning). The daylight sensor can also be converted into a nighttime sensor using a NOT-gate. This can be seen when the sensor is linked to a redstone torch, for the daylight sensor sends the torch a signal that shuts it off. When the sun goes down, the daylight sensor's signal shuts off, and the torch will activate. Finally, the amount of light a daylight sensor can be influenced by covering up / blocking the sunlight.


Clad in a suit of green leather armor, Paul delievers his standard introductory speech and officially tells the viewers that, in this episode, he will show them how to go green! However, this is not just ANY green. No, this green shall cut down energy costs, make a person look good, and even give them an efficient energy payment! In other words, Paul's covering the daylight sensor and is going to update Tower of Power's lighting system. First, he covers the actual sensor (see above section for details). Afterwards, he explains his plan: at night, he wants some redstone lamps to come on and illuminate the pathway up the Tower, and will show the viewers a simple, easy to understand way of doing so. Anyways, at the three main sections of the walkway, Paul digs a space and inserts two redstone torches (one for one lamp) and digs a tunnel connecting them. Afterwards, he links the torches together with redstone and digs another hole out the side of the mountain. Placing a repeater and a daylight sensor down, he presents and demonstrates his final product, finishing off the tutorial with an official energy rating for the OCD tax-collectors of Minecraft!

Spy ChickensEdit

While Paul was digging the redstone system, a chicken randomly wandered inside. Annoyed, Paul tried to keep working,but the chicken started getting deeper, carefully inspecting everything Paul did. Afterwards, the chicken had the nerve to go upstairs, claiming he wanted to see his friend Iggy! (Unfortnately for him, Iggy didn't know any chickens and immediately knew he was a spy.) When Paul finally finished, the chicken was apparently still up to it's tricks, and has yet to be apprehended...