Myrtle Brockhouse



First Appearance:

LOTR Episode 1

Last Appearance:

LOTR Episode 6


Does not fight





Myrtle Brockhouse is a Hobbit Farmer, first encountered in LoTR episode 1.


Not much is known about Myrtle Brockhouse's early life. Sir Punchwood never asked Myrtle when she was born or who her parents were, and she did not seem inclined to tell him, either. All that is known is that Myrtle became a farmer when she grew up, and had hired a couple of workers to help her tend the fields of her farm.

Significance in LoTREdit

Myrtle Brockhouse is one of the most significant characters early on in Punchwood's LoTR adventure, because for the first few days of his journey (while he does his Hobbit favours), he lives in the downstairs of her barn, along with all the animals. Myrtle allows Punchwood to store his stuff downstairs in her barn (at least temporarily) and, in return, Punchwood gave her new hoes and iron buckets to thank her.

Major Characters: Sir Punchwood Gandalf the Grey Odo Baggins
Minor Characters: Myrtle Brockhouse
Animals: Bill Farley Ted

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