Odo Baggins



First Appearance:

LOTR Episode 5

Last Appearance:

LOTR Episode 9


Sling, Iron Dagger



Odo Baggins was Sir Punchwood's squire in his series, Minecraft Lord of the Rings.


Not much is known about Odo Baggins' background and family history. The only thing that is known about him prior to his being hired from a Hobbit Shiriff in a Hobbiton tavern is that Odo Baggins was born around the year TA 2990.


Like most hobbits, Odo Baggins is rather fond of food and drink. He tends to request a second breakfast (and sometimes a twenty-second, according to Sir Punchwood) even when he's supposed to be on duty. Despite his weakness for food & drink, Odo Baggins was very loyal to Sir Punchwood and would defend him at all costs. Unfortunately, like Wilson, he tended to not be very good around cliffs or ravines, and Sir Punchwood was careful to not bring Odo too close to cliffs or sudden drops.


Like most hobbits of the Shire, Odo Baggins had two weapons. He would fire stones out of his sling when he had to engage foes from a long distance, and he switched to an iron dagger at close range. Unfortunately, Odo had a rather bad habit of engaging in fights with enemies that are beyond his ability to kill, which resulted in him nearly being slain by Gundabad Orc Archers at least twice. Luckily, Sir Punchwood intervened, and saved Odo's life.


Odo Baggins met his fate in Episode 9 of Lord of the Rings, when Angmar decided to launch an invasion of Eriador. While waiting at the tower, an Angmar Orc (Ugnag) saw Odo and killed him.

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