Officer Bentley

First Appearance:

The Escapists Season 3

Last Appearance:





Prison Guard (Seasons 3, 5, 8), inmate (Season 4)



Known for:

Being Pablo Punchwood's least favourite officer

Officer Bentley is the best-known guard in Paulsoaresjr's Escapists series.


Not much is known about Officer Bentley's childhood, or about 😌😌😌😌😌😌😭causes him to speak using his baton. However, Bentley made a major mistake in the last episode of Season 3; despite recognizing that it was Punchwood who was snooping outside the walls at night (apparently, Punchwood's guard uniform didn't fool Bentley), he decided to not call for backup, and elected to take matters into his own hands. Punchwood, however, was faster, and Bentley had no gun, so he was unable to catch Punchwood. As punishment for letting Punchwood escape, he is sent to Shankton State Penitentiary in Season 4.

After working in a prison for a number of years and being a prisoner himself, you would think that Officer Bentley would not want to work as a guard again. Besides, who would hire an officer who let an inmate escape? Apparently, letting a prisoner escape doesn't seem to matter in Mexico, for Bentley is once more promoted to officer in San Pancho (Season 5), although he's not a rollcaller here.

After Pablo Punchwood manages to escape from a few more prisons, including the infamous HMP-Irongate (Season 6), Officer Bentley is called in to Alcatraz. The Warden tells Bentley that "we have a wild Punchwood here in Alcatraz. If someone can stop him from escaping, it's you." So Officer Bentley becomes on of the three rollcall guards in Alcatraz, and is more determined than ever to stop Punchwood's escape.


Of all the guards in all the prisons, Bentley is known for being the most aggressive. If anyone breaks the prison rules, or commits even a minor violation, Bentley will not hesitate to beat them up, and solitary confinement isn't out of the question either. He also never liked Punchwood, and is known to use his fists on him for no apparent reason.

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