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Pablo Punchwood is the main protagonist of the series Man vs. Minecraft, Rimworld, The Escapists, and Fallout 4. He is the brave, daring, and curious owner of the dog, Wilson. He made his first appearance in the second season and first episode of Man vs Minecraft, where he put himself to the challenge of surviving for 14 days in the realm of Minecraftia. 


Little was known about Pablo Punchwood's early life until Paul Soares Jr revealed it in RimWorld. There it is revealed that Pablo Punchwood's was an apocalypse child, born to Sir Punchwood and Lady Punchwood. After leaving Sir Punchwood's kingdom, Pablo moves to the US, and gets thrown in jail for a crime he didn't commit. He is cleared of this crime, however, and enlists in the army. After going in and out of several prisons (including being accidentally thrown into Shankton State Pen for another crime he did not commit) Pablo Punchwood becomes a mob henchman (all that fighting in jail gave him some good combat experience) and moves to Navesgane County, Arizona. There, he meets Cheryl Tiegs. Cheryl and Pablo have one child, Paulina Punchwood, who, in time, will become the heroine of 7 Days to Die.

Once Paulina turns ten years old, Pablo Punchwood hears some exciting news; it's a one-way trip to an entirely new planet! Pablo loved adventure as a child, and this trip was like a dream come true. Although he does not much fancy the idea of leaving Cheryl and Paulina behind, Pablo enrolls on the trip -- his wandering foot is just too strong to resist such an exciting journey. He embarks on a spaceship, and Cheryl and Paulina never hear from him again.

Pablo Punchwood, meanwhile, is put into a deep sleep, along with all the other companions he travelled with. Unfortunately, the ship runs into some technical difficulties, and Pablo (along with two others) are the only three humans who manage to get into the escape pods before the ship explodes. Undeterred, Punchwood and his fellow survivors found a new colony on this planet (later known as Minecraftia). At first, Pablo lives with the colonists, but his love for adventure grows ever greater and he decides to found a survival series. So, he founds Punchwood Production Studios, Inc. and starts Man vs. Minecraft.


Pablo Punchwood is very good at melee combat and ranged combat and enjoys a good fight every now and then. He also likes to craft things, and heal people, both of which he is fairly good at. In addition, he is "cool-skinned" and is not likely to succumb to heatstroke. All those skills come in handy when he later comes to host Man vs. Minecraft. As well as being a seasoned prisoner and escapist he knows his way around prisons as well as being a mob henchmen.

Despite his strengths, there are a few things that Pablo Punchwood is not good at. He is not very social, and is not a particularly good builder, farmer, or cook, although he enjoys engaging in the latter two activities. Punchwood also cannot engage in research or artistic pursuits, and he refuses to clean anything.

Man vs. MinecraftEdit

Season 1Edit

"This is Minecraft. Where beauty and wonder can quickly turn into a deadly nightmare. The environment here is harsh, and unrelenting, and horrible monsters lurk in the shadows. Every day, thousands of people perish here, in this unassuming, but unforgiving world. And for the next fourteen days, I have to survive here with nothing but my wits. No food, no shelter, no camera crew. Just one man, alone in Minecraft, for fourteen days. Welcome to Man vs Minecraft. I'd better get started.

-Pablo's first lines in Season 1 of Man vs. Minecraft. 

Pablo begins the TV series, Man vs. Minecraft, by giving an overview of the realm, Minecraftia: beautiful by day, deadly by night. From the beach in which he was dropped off by Punchwood Studios, Pablo heads to the forest, collects wood and coal, and uses a small 

cave to shelter in for the night. Every day, he moves on to a new biome.

On the fifteenth day, Pablo found a line of torches, leading to a small plane, with some survival supplies. One of which was a GPS pointing the way home. In his excitment of surviving the ordeal, Pablo dropped the GPS, which broke on impact with the hard ground. He flew away in the plane regardless, but crashed in a forest in the middle of nowhere. From the wreckage of the plane, he salvaged a chest of supplies, which held a life raft, 7 blank sheets of paper, 12 redstone torches and an orange 'space blanket', as well as an iron axe, and some flint and steel.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 of Man vs. Minecraft lands Pablo Punchwood into a lot of trouble. His airplane is out of fuel and needs to be repaired. He must survive in a strange land with many creatures, some known and some unknown.

Season 3Edit

In Season 3, Pablo Punchwood must survive in the hot and dry Nether for a bit over a week. When he returns to Minecraftia, he must also survive a Goblin ambush.

Season 4Edit

Pablo Punchwood is pushed into the Twilight Forest by Wilson and is up against both new and old mobs. When he returns to Minecraftia, he finds that the healing magic, which helped heal his wounds in the Twilight Forest, no longer works.

Season 5Edit

Pablo Punchwood must survive in Minecraftia, without automatic regeneration, for two weeks. Later on, he must defeat Dreax, and rid the land of a great evil.

Season 6Edit


The EscapistsEdit

Pablo Punchwood's early adult life, where he went in and out of jail several times, is profiled in this series.


This is how Pablo looked like when he went into (and out) of prison

Rimworld Season 1Edit

Pablo Punchwood also appears in Rimworld, where he and two other colonists (later joined by others) must survive on an alien plane t for as long as possible. His weapon of choice is initially a Lee-Enfield, but he later uses an R-4 charge rifle, which shoots three bullets in rapid succession. On the final episode of season one, he was shot by an incendiary launcher, but his wounds were treated by Spiffy.


  • Construction: 3
  • Growing: 3 (passionate)
  • Research: Incapable
  • Mining: 3
  • Shooting: 8 (passionate)
  • Melee: 13 (passionate)
  • Social: 1
  • Cooking: 3 (passionate)
  • Medicine: 5 (passionate)
  • Artistic: Incapable
  • Crafting: 7 (passionate)

Pablo Punchwood cannot carry out research, cleaning, or produce works of art.


  • Cool-skinned -- he does not get hyperthermia easily

Rimworld Season 2Edit

With the coming of Season 2, Punchwood makes a return. This time he's an assassin, had an adventurous childhood, and was a hired assassin as an adult (not too surprising, given the number of randits he killed in Boston after escaping from Vault 111). It's unknown whether Fallout or Rimworld Season 2 is canon like The Escapists or Rimworld's first season. Being a man, Punchwood was unaffected by the psychic drone in Episode 4.


  • Shooting: 11 (passionate)
  • Melee: 7 (very passionate)
  • Social: 5 (passionate)
  • Animals: 9 (passionate)
  • Medicine: 4 (passionate)
  • Cooking: 3 (very passionate)
  • Construction: 3 (very passionate)
  • Growing: 3
  • Mining: 4
  • Artistic: 2
  • Crafting: 7 (passionate)
  • Research: 2

In this season Punchwood can clean, do research, and produce works of art, and he loves working with chemicals. He can tolerate high heat, and is a careful shot.

Rimworld Season 3Edit

In Season 3 of Rimworld Punchwood makes a return. In this case he was a wasteland wanderer as a child (perhaps he survived through a nuclear war?) and became a voidspace raider as an adult. Being a raider, he doesn't have a problem shooting or fighting when needed, and he can talk and heal quite nicely if needed. Early in the season at least, he is the only one in the colony who's any good at building, which, in addition to the swampy terrain, made for some very slow progress.


  • Shooting: 10 (passionate)
  • Melee: 8 (passionate)
  • Social: 6 (passionate)
  • Animals: 3
  • Medicine: 14 (passionate)
  • Cooking: 0
  • Construction: 5 (passionate)
  • Mining: 2 (passionate)
  • Artistic: N/A
  • Crafting: 12 (passionate)
  • Intellectual: 5 (very passionate)

Punchwood in this life can't paint or produce other works of art, and is a bloodlust and a masochist.


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