"What's on tap tonight? PAULIE! Join me for some fun PC gaming with chill commentary! No drama, no politics, no bull... just pure, undiluted PC GAMING!" -- Paul Soares Jr

PaulieOnTap is Paul Soares Jr's other channel, in addition to his main one, Paulsoaresjr (channel). It is the channel where he plays more mature games (rated 17+) such as 7 Days to Die. PaulieOnTap was started largely because Paul wanted to keep his channel "family friendly" and he felt that 7 Days to Die didn't belong on his main channel because it is rated 17+.

Channel StatisticsEdit

As of December 16, 2014, this channel has the following data:

  • 3.0 million views
  • 81'648 subscribers
  • 62 videos

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