Paulina Punchwood

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7 Days to Die

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Pablo Punchwood

Paulina Punchwood is the daughter of Pablo Punchwood, the famous protagonist in many of Paul Soares Jr's series.


Not much has been revealed about Paulina's background, but it is known that she is the daughter of Pablo Punchwood, and that she survived the zombie apocalypse in Navezgane County, Arizona for a significant amount of time, despite the fact that she often forgot to put on her pants. I guess privacy isn't really your biggest worry when you're trying to prevent yourself from being eaten alive by zombies, and there are no living humans around!

During the course of her travels in Arizona, Paulina somehow picked up a mysterious amulet, and was teleported to the Ark: a strange island in a unknown location that is home to prehistoric creatures saved from extinction -- without most of her clothes. Now, she must survive all alone in a pre-historic world.

Reason for creationEdit

Paulina Punchwood was created by PSJR when he realized that the protagonist in 7 Days to Die was, by default, a woman. Because PSJR really enjoys role-playing, and the story was that Pablo Punchwood was a man (not to mention that Pablo is a male name), Paul created Paulina Punchwood in order to give his character a more fitting name.


Paulina appears in the following series:

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