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Welcome to Paulsoaresjr Wiki, a public wiki for everything related to Paul Soares Jr. This site has 3 users including 5 admins who have helped make 5,636 edits on 226 articles. Feel free to join us.
Paulsoaresjr is the first person on YouTube to make Minecraft Tutorials. He is also a husband, father and business man. This is his wiki about his Minecraft adventures and tutorials. He also does things such as DayZ, Indie Game test drives and more; he has worked hard to bring us free entertainment in the form of YouTube videos and much, much more. Thumbs Up To Paul! Paul loves adventure and is very impulsive. Please remember that this Wiki is a work in progress. As Paul is still making videos it is hard to keep up to date. If you see something wrong, please don't hesitate to fix it!


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Who is Paulsoaresjr?Edit

Paulsoaresjr is a friendly, kind-hearted, caring father of Remmi, Jumbo and ChiefChirpa. He is also a loving husband of MinecraftMom and he started his own minecraft shows on YouTube. These include Tale of Kingdoms, Minecraft Dad, Spellbound Caves, Man Vs Minecraft, How to Survive and Thrive, Gift and etc.

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Minecraft Tutorials - 01 - How to Survive your First Night09:09

Minecraft Tutorials - 01 - How to Survive your First Night

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