Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms E40 "Pet Cemetary" (Silly Role-play)16:42

Minecraft Tale of Kingdoms E40 "Pet Cemetary" (Silly Role-play)

Pet Cemetary is a cemetary King Punchwood made with his own hands to mourn for his deceased Sir Mouser, crushed by a house 29 June 2012, and later the three Royal Goats; Munch 1, Munch 2 (Mini Munch) and Munch 3.


Sir Mouser Ep 28 - 37 Crushed by House (not proven but assumed).

Munch Ep 9 - 12 Eaten by Lion

Munch 2 Ep 19 - 19 Eaten by Crocodile. (Grave reads 12 - 12, which is incorrect)

Munch 3 Ep 24 - ?? MIA (Likely crushed by a building)


  • During the funeral service for Sir Mouser, a ghost actually spawned in the cemetary and tried to rip Sir Punchwood's face off. Paul claims that the ghost was actually Sir Mouser attempting to scratch him one last time.
  • There are more goats than other animals in the graveyard.

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