Running With Rigles

First Airing:

April 14, 2015

Last Airing:



Corporal Punchwood





Running With Rifles is a tactical shooter game. Its gameplay is similar to Call of Duty, except that the game is played in third person view, rather than being a first-person-shooter like many games in its genre. The game is played on the official invasion server, USA3.


Although Punchwood was a first-class-private in the Indie Game Test Drive, since then he's been fighting for a while, and has been promoted to Corporal. This means that he now has access to more powerful weapons and is able to call in airstrikes when he needs to.

Although Punchwood is a good soldier, he does sometimes get "killed" (although, he never seems to die forever...) Sometimes he gets shot by an enemy soldier, but one of the most common causes of death is getting run over by a friendly vehicle (despite the fact that the AI is OK at driving, they still tend to run soldiers over).

There are several kinds of fights in the game; sometimes there are long fights that go on for hours and hours, but the smaller-scale skirmishes are just as fun and don't take nearly as long.

As of yet, the series has only two episodes.

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