First Airing:

Summer 2014

Last Airing:



Pablo Punchwood



Episodes (ongoing):


Salt is the name of another of the Indie games that Paul Soares Jr is currently playing, as the character Pablo Punchwood.


Salt is somewhat similar to Stranded Deep in that it involves surviving on islands in an archipelago. But unlike the "pure survivalist" flavor of Stranded Deep, Salt is more of an RPG, where the goal is to kill pirates, complete quests for NPC's, and acquire ships. Usually, Paul does one episode or two every time a new update is released for this game, and showcases the new features of that particular update.


  • Log Raft: a small raft made of logs, which Punchwood often uses in order to go from ship to shore
  • Pardon Pusher: a heavy two-masted sailing ship, which used to be Punchwood's main ship until he fixed up old Salted Nuts.
  • Small Sailboat: A small sailboat, with a tight turning radius, that is used occasionally.
  • Salted Nuts: a former pirate ship, repaired by Capt. Punchwood, that is used for longer ocean excursions and for living aboard. It has all the comforts of home. Since the update that allowed ship customization, the ship features a bed, torches, a mat, and a treasure chest.

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