Salted Nuts is the ship that Capt. Punchwood uses in the Salt series. It first appeared somewhere around Episode 7.


Prior to being owned by Captain Punchwood, Salted Nuts belonged to a vicious pirate gang. These attempted to kill Punchwood, but Punchwood managed to slay all the pirates and get out to the ship. After looting it out, he thought to himself "Hmmm, this is a good ship, I wonder if I can use it." However, it was too damaged at the time to make it usable. So, as a good craftsman (owing to his experience surviving in all kinds of places), Punchwood was able to repair the ship and get it sailing. Since then, it's been his main "base" out at sea, replacing the Pardon Pusher.


Salted Nuts is a very comfortable ship for living aboard. It features a bed, a mat, several torches, and a chest. The big advantage of this ship over the Pardon Pusher is that its cabin allows Capt. Punchwood to have a dry place if the weather ever turns to rain. On the minus side, however, Salted Nuts takes longer to turn, accelerate, and stop than any of Punchwood's smaller ships, and, as a result, he uses a dinghy (usually, his sailing raft) to get from ship to shore, or the other way around.


The cabin on Salted Nuts

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