Sammy "Spiffy" Lister

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Rimworld Episode 1

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Sammy "Spiffy" Lister is one of the three original colonists in Paul Soares Jr's Rimworld indie game Let's Play.


Spiffy started life as a Urbworld urchin, and later moved on to become an herbalist in adulthood. She decided to sign up for this one-way trip to a brand new world, and was one of only three humans to survive the ship's explosion.

In RimworldEdit

Spiffy has proven useful in the new colony of Punchwood over and over again, doing various things ranging from construction to farming to occasional shooting with a basic pistol. In fact, of all the characters in Rimworld, Spiffy loves to build more than any other. Spiffy is also the only female character currently in the series. This has caused some interesting moments, especially in Episode 14, "The Great Cleaning Episode".

Why is the girl the only one cleaning? This is not right, guys; come on, it's the 21st century or something. Get over here [and] start cleaning the rubble!

–Paul Soares Jr, Rimworld Episode 14

And with that, Paul told the men, with the exception of Punchwood and Marc (who refuse to clean) to "priorize cleaning up rubble."

Starting SkillsEdit

  • Construction: 3 (very passionate)
  • Growing: 7 (passionate)
  • Research: 3
  • Mining: 3 (very passionate)
  • Shooting: 5 (passionate)
  • Melee: 7 (very passionate)
  • Social: 1
  • Cooking: 3
  • Medicine: 7
  • Artistic: 3
  • Crafting: 3

Spiffy, along with Chili, are capable of doing just about anything.


  • Hard worker -- speaks for itself

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