Scratchy is the youngest of Paul's pets (Dusk Jr aside).


Scratchy is the daughter of Tang and Dusk and probably the mother of Dusk Jr. She was born on the 15th of March 2012 in episode 44. Paul celebrated the birth of her and Yipper at the farm by milking the three cows, gathering hay, snatching one of the spy chicken eggs and punching down two suagar canes and converting them to sugar. He did the same a second time so there was one cake for each (they are STILL in the same place today though somebody has taken a few bites out of them).

Since then, Scratchy has accompanied Paul on many episodes including:

46: Powered railway

49: Stronghold

51: Light posts and lamps

54: Boathouse and boat dispenser

58: Desert Temple

61, 62: Cozy Cabin

Ever since Dusk was killed in an arrow accident and had to give birth to Dusk Jr (becoming older than her mother), Scratchy has retired from helping Paul, afraid that she may be his next victim.


Though Scratchy contiunes to live on in Paul's Survive and Thrive series, she was killed by a creeper in Soaring No Longer. It is believed she was killed by the game crashing before the creeper, however this is proved untrue because at the right moment, just as the creeper lands she can be heard purring and her body can barely be seen as the creeper explodes.