Sheltered E22
Part of the Punchwood family's shelter, as seen in Episode 22

First Airing:

Aug. 3rd, 2015

Last Airing:

Jul. 15, 2016


The Punchwood Family



Episodes (ongoing):


Sheltered is another indie game that Paul is playing. The game is rated E7+, as with most of his series.


The Punchwood family (related to Pablo Punchwood and his sister Paulina Punchwood) just came home from work, when there was a nuclear explosion. Now, they have to clean up and survive inside an underground bunker.


  • Dad -- The father of the Punchwood family. Apparently, a proactive and street-smart coward, who isn't much good at fighting. Still, he often goes on expeditions, because he covers terrain quite quickly. He also drives the camper van much faster than anybody else, so fast indeed that Paul worries that he'll get into a crash someday.
  • Mom -- The mother of the family. Usually does work around the house, including crafting and repairing, although she has gone on a few expeditions on occasion.
  • Sarah -- a girl who is hands-on, but can also be a bully at times. She is very strong for her age, and even subdued a grown man back in Episode 4.
  • Chris -- the boy of the family. He's alert and a small eater, and enjoys wearing an HEV Suit, even if he's not working outside. Because of this, he's the go-to guy for any outdoor fixing.
  • Barbara -- a woman who joined in Episode 5. She's strong, intelligent, and a good fighter; as a result, she's often used for going on expeditions. She killed another Barbara out in the wasteland in Episode 10.
  • Diane -- a "wonder-woman" who can do pretty much anything. Joined in Episode 8. Often accompanies Barbara on trips to get stuff in the wasteland.
  • Eric -- a man who joined the shelter in Episode 21. He's an OK man, but he doesn't have any special traits. He is, however, a very good handyman.
  • Wilson -- the same dog who starred in Man vs. Minecraft, Wilson is a loyal pet, always willing to protect the family from any danger that may arise.

Current shelter layoutEdit

As of Episode 22, the Punchwood family fallout shelter looks as follows, from left to right:


On the surface, there is an oxygen filter, a water filter, and a camper van. The former have undergone a few upgrades, while the RV is a work in progress. Once it's done, it'll be used to cover large distances more quickly.

Top levelEdit

This is the level where most of the work gets done, with the exception of crafting, which is done downstairs.


Sheltered E22 2

The entrance and sleeping quarters of the Punchwood family fallout shelter, in Episode 22.

This is the hatchway that leads to the outside. There are two lights here, which Paul had to turn off at the beginning of every episode, because the lights don't really do anything and waste fuel. Entering here required either an HEV suit, a gas mask, or anti-radiation tablets, as the air is unfiltered, but that was changed later in the series, so radiation only becomes a problem during dust storms.


The two airtight doors keep radiation-contaminated air from entering the shelter.

HEV suit & communications roomEdit

In this room there are two HEV suits and a radio transmitter/receiver, used in order to communicate with family members who are out on expeditions. A map of the surrounding area, along with a diary of survivors' experiences in the wasteland, can also be found here, along with traps that keep that


This purple room contains a toilet and a shower. The bathroom used to be on the lower level, but the shower was moved up here so that dirty people returning from expeditions would shower prior to eating, so that they don't get food poisoning.

Generator roomEdit

In this room, there's (of course) a generator, which supplies power to the whole shelter. This room is lit up.

Middle levelEdit

Most of the shelter's living amenities are found on this level.


A green bedroom containing a bunk bed.


In the kitchen, there are two water butts, a stove, and two small food storage shelves. There's also a crate here, where random things are stored. A ladder in the left-hand half of the kitchen leads down to the middle level. Wilson can't use a ladder, but he is able to get down to the lower level through the ventilation grate. The left half of the kitchen is lit.

Crafting roomEdit

This room contains the shelter's workbench and toolrack. Some things are crafted directly at the workbench, while others are built where they'll be needed. To speed up construction, this room is lit. The ladder leading to the upstairs passes through this room.

Janitor's roomEdit

Originally a bathroom, this room contains a mop and bucket. The ladder that goes down to the lower level goes through here.

Crafting roomEdit

Contains the shelter's workbench. This is where almost all crafting and upgrading takes place.

Recreation roomEdit

In here, there's a bookshelf, a toy chest, and a punching bag. The room is lit up, to enable the adults to read.

Lower levelEdit

Recycling roomEdit

Contains the recycler, which is useful for turning useless junk into crafting items.

Storage roomEdit

Contains lots of storage crates.


A room with a bunk bed and a water butt, just in case you get thirsty at night.


This room contains an ammo press, two water butts, and a planter.

List of namesEdit

Here's a list of all the names of NPC's that have appeared in this playthrough of Sheltered:


  • Andrew
  • Anthony
  • Chris
  • Daniel
  • Eric
  • Gary
  • Henry
  • Jeffery
  • Kenneth
  • Marcus
  • Micheal
  • Stephen
  • Steven


  • Barbara
  • Catherine
  • Debra
  • Deborah
  • Diane
  • Donna
  • Jennifer
  • Jessica
  • Joyce
  • Patricia
  • Ruth
  • Sarah


There are four factions on the map:

  • The Corps
  • The Marauders
  • The Scalpers
  • The Matriarchs

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