Sir. Mouser was King Punchwood's mouse vanquishing cat in Tale of Kingdoms.

Working History Edit

Mouser was hired from the wild to rid Punchwood's kingdom from rodents. Once put to work he was proven to be very stubborn and, at times, lazy. He would rarely ever do anything about the rats when the king wants him to. When trying to be more authoritative with him Mouser would throw fits by furiously scrathing Punchwood in the face. Besides the king he would occasionally attack innocent creatures such as the colorful doves, turtles, and random characters.


When the king decided to add another house to his kingdom it unfortunately fell on top of Sir Mouser, crushing and suffocating him to death. Punchwood discovered this when he took notice to the lack of fresh scratches on his face. He then presumed Mouser was crushed and announced to the kingdom that there would be a pet cemetary in his honor.

Punchwood, his remaining pets,and many villagers attended his funeral. When it was over a ghost attacked the king. He claimed that Mouser wanted to scratch him in the face one last time before he left.

Although replaced by Pu several episodes later, Punchwood still looks out his towers window to see the pet cemetery and remember Sir Mouser.