Paul’s playthrough of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In this series Paul, as Helgraf Frosthammer, plays through Skyrim. Between bashing in skulls, fighting the Imperials and killing dragons, our intrepid hero barely has enough time to save the world.

Or in Paul's words: My playthrough of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

List of episodesEdit

Skyrim TV - E01 Wagon Ride (introduction)

Skyrim TV - E02 Meet Helgraf Forsthammer (Character Creation)

Skyrim TV - E03 Sheild Bashing for Profit!

Skyrim TV - E04 Band(it) Camp! (1080 HD)

Skyrim TV - E05 Embershard Mine (1080 HD)

Skyrim TV - E06 Mine-crafting! (1080 HD)

Skyrim TV - E07 Resting in Riverwood (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E08 Chemistry 101 (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E09 Magic sword of Embers (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E10 Bleak Falls Barrow (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E11 Restless Draugr (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E12 Helgraf's Mighty Voice (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E13 Collector of Souls (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E14 Last Witness Killed (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E15 Oozing Worth (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E16 It's Divine Power! (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E17 Tom Foolery in Whiterun (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E18 Dragon Soul, Hurts so Good!(1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV - E19 The Word of Talos (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E20 Frosted Frosthammer (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E21 Battle Lust (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E22 Staff of the Familiar (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E23 Bar Brawl! (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E24 Little Milk Drinker (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E25 Hall of the Dead (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV – E26 The Companions (1080 HD, Role-Play)

Skyrim TV: E27 Silver Moons Camp (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E28 Forgotten Bandit Leader (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E29 Fort Greymoor Ruins (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E30 Traveling Kitty Merchants (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E31 Farkas is a Beast! (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E32 Dustman's Cairn (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E33 Dustman's Crypt (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E34 Fragment of Wuuthrad (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E35 Helgraf's New House (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E36 Assassin! (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E37 Broken Fang Cave (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E38 Road to Falkreath (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E39 Flirting in Falkreath (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E40 Elf Pusher (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E41 Bonechill Passage (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E42 Dragon at Ancient's Ascent (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E43 "Busted In Falkreath" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV: E44 "Barbas the Talking Dog" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV - E45 "Witches" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV E46 “Shrine of Clavicus Vile” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV E47 “Expensive Steak” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV E48 “Valtheim Towers” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV E49 “Troll Cave” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV E50 “Fort Amol” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV E51 “Darkwater Crossing” (Role-play 1080HD)

Skyrim TV - E52 "Eldergleam Santuary" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV - E53 "Road Rage" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E54 "Ivarstead" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E55 "Shroud Hearth Barrow" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E56 "Laugh at THIS!" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E57 "High Hrothgar and Graybeards" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E58 "Vampires on the Trail" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E59 "To Be Werewolf" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E60 "Feed the Beast" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E61 "Good Death Granted" (Role-Play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E62 "Helgraf Pranked! Not Amused" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E63 "Tooth and Hammer" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E64 "Fort Snowhawk" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E65 "Morthal Fire Investigation" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E66 "The Plot Thickens in Morthal" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E67 "Laid to Rest in Morthal" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E68 "Ustengrav Depths" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E69 "It's Just a Horn" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E70 "Are You Sniffing Me? (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E71 "Meridia's Beacon" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E72 "Time-out for Malkoran" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E73 "Arrested in Solitude" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E74 "Mind of Madness" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E75 "Nobody Gets Hurt!" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E76 "Double-crossing Lizard Scoundrel" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

Skyrim TV- E77 "Wolfskull Cave and Ruins" (Role-play, 1080 HD)

August 29, 2013 - April 14, 2015: Helgraf takes a two-year break to play house in Whiterun. He installs mods and sets up Breezehome. Season 1 ends and season 2 begins.

Skyrim TV- E78 "Lost Echo Cave!" (Lite Role-Play / 1080p60)

Skyrim TV- E79 "Volskygge Tomb!" (Lite Role-Play / 1080p60)

Skyrim TV- E80 "Volsung the Dragon Priest!" (Lite Role-Play / 1080p60)

To be continued....

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