Slime Rancher

First Airing:

December 2015

Last Airing:

January 2016


Rancher PSJ





Slime Rancher was one of PSJR's indie game series, which aired for a few weeks between December 2015 and January 2016.


Slime Rancher is a game all about wrangling slimes. In this series, Paul goes from a rookie rancher to a professional in about fifteen episodes, and manages to find every type of slime in the game, from the rather boring pink slimes to the hard rock slimes, to the playful tabbies, to the exploding boom slimes. Most of the slimes Paul kept were largos, formed by one small slime eating another slime's poop (called "plorts" in the game). And let's not forget the problems that PSJ had with the zombie slimes, formed when a largo ate the wrong kind of plort...

Often, PSJ would say that he was "plorted" after a long day of ranching.

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