Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley screenshot

First Airing:

Mar. 2016

Last Airing:






Episodes (ongoing):


Stardew Valley is another one of Paul Soares Jr's indie game series. This game is about country life, including farming, fishing, meeting up with new people, and more.


Punchwood started out as an employee at Joja Corporation. When he was a kid, his uncle sent him a note that he could live on the old farm in Stardew Valley. Now, after a while of working for Joja Corp. he decides he's had enough of this, and moves out to his uncle's old farmstead. This farmstead has been abandoned for many years, and as a result, requires a lot of cleaning up before Punchwood can get to farming.

When he's not farming, Punchwood goes fishing, foraging, mining, and meets with the people in Pelican Town. Some of the resources he obtains are donated to the old Pelican Town community centre, where the small forest inhabitants can help rebuild the town from the damage that Joja Corp. has done. Currently, Punchwood is trying to court Leah so that she can be his partner, though he likes Penny and Haley too. He doesn't like Elliott, because he suspects that Elliott is also trying to have Leah as his partner.

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