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LotR Episode 10

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Ted is Sir Punchwood's secondary steed in his Minecraft Lord of the Rings series.


Ted the pony was found near a Ranger Camp in the Tower Hills of Eriador. He was already tame when Sir Punchwood found him, and Sir Punchwood took one of his spare leads and tied it to him. From then on, Ted walked behind Sir Punchwood and his other animals, and carries some of Sir Punchwood's stuff.


Ted is Sir Punchwood's second beast of burden. He carries some of Sir Punchwood's gear, the remainder of it being spread between Bill's saddlebags and Sir Punchwood's backpack. This lightened Bill's load, and allowed Sir Punchwood to carry much more stuff than before.

Major Characters: Sir Punchwood Gandalf the Grey Odo Baggins
Minor Characters: Myrtle Brockhouse
Animals: Bill Farley Ted

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