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September 5, 2014

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123 (Not counting test drive)


E7+ (family friendly)

The Escapists is a game about escaping prison. Paul plays it as Pablo Punchwood (though in later seasons he plays as Pablo's brothers Elfwood and Bondwood), who was sent to prison for a crime he did not commit (although, the number of times he's broken out of prison has earned him a major criminal record).

This series is currently the main series on Paul's channel.

Season 1Edit

Pablo Punchwood enters the first Peak Correctional, and makes some new friends, and some enemies. This series is defined by the conflict between Walder, his best buddy, and Benjamin, his archnemesis.

The Escapists | E01 "Get the New Guy!" | Prison Day 1

The Escapists | E02 "Doin' Favors" | Prison Day 2

The Escapists | E03 "Pickin' Fights!" | Prison Day 3

The Escapists | E04 "The Warden's Butt Cheeks!" | Prison Day 4

The Escapists | E05 "New Update! New Jobs!" | Prison Days 5 and 6

The Escapists | E06 "Smarten Up!" | Prison Day 6 (again!)

The Escapists | E07 "Fake Vent Cover!" | Prison Day 7

The Escapists | E08 "Hiding Our Contraband!" | Prison Day 8

The Escapists | E09 "Distracting the Guards!" | Prison Day 9

The Escapists | E10 "LOCKDOWN!" | Prison Day 10

The Escapists | E11 "Back to Basics!" | Prison Day 11

The Escapists | E12 "Worst Janitor Ever!" | Prison Day 12

The Escapists | E13 "How to Win Friends!" | Prison Day 13

The Escapists | E14 "Busting Through the Walls!" | Prison Day 14

The Escapists | E15 "Work Key Mold!" | Prison Day 15

The Escapists | E16 "Roping Benjamin!" | Prison Day 16

The Escapists | E17 "On the Roof!" | Prison Day 17

The Escapists | E18 "Sneaking Out at Night!" | Prison Day 18

The Escapists | E19 "Contraband Pouch!" | Prison Day 19

The Escapists | E20 "Escape Plan" | Prison Day 20

Season 2Edit

After escaping Fhurst peak, Pablo Punchwood is thrown into Stalag Flucht, added in a new update, and it may be marked easy, but it's nowhere close to that. This time, the incentive to escape is even stronger than before; Pablo Punchwood is not a criminal, and thus has no chance of parole. If he doesn't escape, he won't make it out until the war is over! This season is also known as "The Great Escapists" in reference to the movie, The Great Escape, where some inmates of Stalag Luft III really escape by digging three tunnels, named Tom, Dick, and Harry. During his time he made a good friend with another inmate Bruce.

The Escapists | S2E01 "Stalag Flucht Prison Camp!" | POW Day 1

The Escapists | S2E02 "Carter is a Kleptomaniac!" | POW Day 2

The Escapists | S2E03 "The Scrounger!" | POW Day 3

The Escapists | S2E04 "Hot Chocolate Ambush!" | POW Day 4

The Escapists | S2E05 "Gardening Trowels!" | POW Day 5

The Escapists | S2E06 "CODE RED!!" | POW Day 6

The Escapists | S2E07 "Taming Bruce!" | POW Day 7

The Escapists | S2E08 "Double Shakedown Shuffle!" | POW Day 8

The Escapists | S2E09 "Chippin' Boulders!" | POW Day 9

The Escapists | S2E10 "Plated POW Outfit!" | POW Day 10

The Escapists | S2E11 "Rampant Brawling!" | POW Day 11

The Escapists | S2E12 "Live Die Repeat!" | POW Day 11

The Escapists | S2E13 "Beating the Heat!" | POW Day 12

The Escapists | S2E14 "Stealing Timber" | POW Day 13

The Escapists | S2E15 "Guard Keys!" | POW Day 14

The Escapists | S2E16 "Cutting the Power!" | POW Day 15

The Escapists | S2E17 "The Great Escape!" | POW Day 16

Season 3Edit

After escaping from Stalag Flucht, Pablo Punchwood is unfortunately recaptured. This time, he is thrown into the Jungle Compound. Again, he is a prisoner-of-war, and has no chance of parole. 

Pablo Punchwood gets out of jail by digging under the perimeter fence, and forging fake ID papers, which he finds in the guards' barracks on the North side of the map.

This season marks the first appearance of Officer Bentley. In this prison, he is the head rollcaller.

The Escapists | S3E01 "Welcome to the Jungle!" | Day 1

The Escapists | S3E02 "Contraband Detector Test!" | Day 2

The Escapists | S3E03 "Full Battle Rattle!" | Day 3

The Escapists | S3E04 "Fake Fence Recipe!" | Day 4

The Escapists | S3E05 "Fired by Paul Soares Jr!" | Day 5

The Escapists | S3E06 "KISS Poster Cover-up!" | Day 6

The Escapists | S3E07 "Hit the Gym!" | Day 7

The Escapists | S3E08 "The Golden Ticket!" | Day 8

The Escapists | S3E09 "Accessing the Generator!" | Day 9

The Escapists | S3E10 "Hidden Prisoner Stash!" | Day 10

The Escapists | S3E11 "Prison Mythbusters!" | Day 11

The Escapists | S3E12 "Multitool!" | Day 12

The Escapists | S3E13 "Jungle Escape!" | Day 13

Season 4Edit

Because Pablo Punchwood's ID papers weren't 100% perfectly made, the prison guards soon find out that Pablo Punchwood has escaped, although Checkpoint Charlie at the gates of the "Hot and Sticky" Jungle Compound accepted the fake ID papers at the time. This time, he gets sent to the Shankton State Penitentiary by Warden Paul Soares Jr, and, as a punishment for escaping not one, not two, but THREE prisons, he is forced to serve a life sentence, with no chance of parole...ever! The head rollcaller at the "Hot and Sticky", Officer Bentley is also sent to jail for not calling for backup when he saw Punchwood outside the outer wall of the Jungle Compound.

The Escapists | E01 "I Love Prison!" | Day 1 - Shankton State Pen

The Escapists | E02 "Old Friends and Enemies!" Day 2 - Shankton State Pen

The Escapists | E03 "Trolling Bentley!" | Shankton State Pen

The Escapists | E04 "Pretty Cool Screwdriver!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 4

The Escapists | E05 "Use Your Words!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 5

The Escapists | E06 "Risky Business!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 6

The Escapists | E07 "Flirting with Disaster!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 7

The Escapists | E08 "Sheet Rope FAIL!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 8

The Escapists | E09 "Powered Screwdriver!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 9

The Escapists | E10 "Breaking Out!" | Shankton State Pen | Day 10

Beginning in Episode 5 of this season of The Escapists, Paul Soares Jr has started to use a custom speech file, in addition to the regular speech file. As a result, the inmates and prison guards now say some "Paul-related" things; you can find some of the things Paul has made them say here

Season 5Edit

So Punchwood was on the beach in Mexico with Cheryl Tiegs and was captured by the locals . They had him sent to San Pancho prison, where Walder was also sent, and quickly went mad. There was also a report of an attempted self prison takeover here. On the plus side, though, there are no contraband detectors here. Still, Punchwood needs to use every trick he ever learned, along with his best combat skills, to escape this prison!

Bentley returns as an officer in this prison. He patrols the outer walls. When Punchwood escapes he ends up getting lost in the South Pacific, and this begins Stranded Deep

The Escapists | E01 "What Goes In, Never Comes Out!" | Day 1 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E02 "Faster! Stronger! Smarter!" | Day 2 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E03 "Nunchucks!" | Day 3 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E04 "Tailor Job!" | Day 4 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E05 "Secret Room!" | Day 5 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E06 "Better Call Saul!" | Day 6 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E07 "New Lap Dog!" | Day 7 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E08 "Punchwood! DESIST!" | Day 8 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E09 "Grappling Hook!" | Day 9 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E10 "Breakout! (sorta)" | Day 10 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E11 "Generator Found!" | Day 11 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E12 "OMG! Guards!" | Day 12 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E13 "Land Mine!" | Day 13 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E14 "Exterior Wall!" | Day 14 - San Pancho

The Escapists | E15 "La Cucaracha Escape!" | Day 15 - San Pancho

Season 6Edit

In Season 6, Pablo Punchwood takes on HMP Irongate, a prison modelled after Alcatraz. It's a lot tougher than any of the prisons before, because it features cameras literally everywhere, the guards are equipped with one-hit-kill Stun Batons, and it's extremely difficult to move contraband from the cell blocks to the main activity zones, because there are contraband detectors literally everywhere. Also, this prison is on an island; Punchwood needs to use a zipline to get over the walls, and then a makeshift raft in order to get back to civilization. However, Punchwood makes it out, and sails away from HMP Irongate in the end.

The Escapists | E01 "BZZZT!" | HMP Irongate Day 1

The Escapists | E02 "So Many Cameras!" | HMP Irongate Day 2

The Escapists | E03 "Super Guards!" | HMP Irongate Day 3

The Escapists | E04 "Ya Snooze, Ya Looze!" | HMP Irongate Day 4

The Escapists | E05 "Job Disruption!" | HMP Irongate Day 5

The Escapists | E06 "Mailman Job Benefits!" | HMP Irongate Day 6

The Escapists | E07 "Cutting Floss!" | HMP Irongate Day 7

The Escapists | E08 "Chipping Out!" |HMP Irongate Day 8

The Escapists | E09 "Officer Punchwood!" | HMP Irongate Day 9

The Escapists | E10 "Lovely Duct Tape!" | HMP Irongate Day 10

The Escapists | E11 "Calculated Risks!" | HMP Irongate Day 11

The Escapists | E12 "Contraband Shuffle!" | HMP Irongate Day 12

The Escapists | E13 "Zipline Hook!" | HMP Irongate Day 13

The Escapists | E14 "Red Key!" | HMP Irongate Day 14

The Escapists | E15 "Zipline Express!" | HMP Irongate Day 15

The Escapists | E16 "I Hate Shopping!" | HMP Irongate Day 16

The Escapists | E17 "Good Day, Eh?" | HMP Irongate Day 17

The Escapists | E18 "Makeshift Raft!" | HMP Irongate Day 18

Season 7Edit

After getting lost in the woods of Northern Canada (see The Long Dark for how that went) Punchwood is sent back to prison, in a camp filled with other YouTubers, including Luclin, Littlewood, GenerikB, and more. In this prison, there's absolutely no privacy (everything is fence) and there are only three job possibilities. Punchwood recruits a whole bunch of other inmates and sends them along; he calls his gang "The Punch Crew". He wants to take them out of jail with him, but unfortunately, they don't go through his hole in the wall, so he has to get out alone.

The Escapists | S7E01 "Youtuber Prison Camp!" | Day 1

The Escapists | S7E02 "Hit and Run Tactics!" | Day 2

The Escapists | S7E03 "Contraband Hiding Spots!" | Day 3

The Escapists | S7E04 "Beating Jacksepticeye!" | Day 4

The Escapists | S7E05 "Hit Crew!" | Day 5

The Escapists | S7E06 "Recruiting Jacksepticeye!" | Day 6

The Escapists | S7E07 "RAID Prep!" | Day 7

The Escapists | S7E08 "RECON Mission!" | Day 8

The Escapists | S7E09 "THE BACK ROOM!" | Day 9

The Escapists | S7E10 "Escape Plan!" | Day 10

The Escapists | S7E11 "Escaping Epsilon!" | Day 11

Season 8Edit

In Season 8, Pablo Punchwood was sent to Alcatraz, also known as The Rock. In this prison, Punchwood has made friends with [Frank] Morris, and is planning to re-create the great escape of 1962 (wherever possible), in which Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers dig their way into an unused service corridor, climb up a network of pipes onto the cell block roof, assemble a raincoat raft, and then escape.

The Escapists | S8E01 "Welcome to The Rock!" | Day 1

The Escapists | S8E02 "Contraband Decoys!" | Day 2

The Escapists | S8E03 "Unoccupied Desks!" | Day 3

The Escapists | S8E04 "KISS Poster!" | Day 4

The Escapists | S8E05 "Breaching the Kitchen!" | Day 5

The Escapists | S8E06 "Dead End!" | Day 6

The Escapists | S8E07 "Plan B!" | Day 7

The Escapists | S8E08 "The Red Key!" | Day 8

The Escapists | S8E09 "Escape from Alcatraz!" | Day 9

Season 9Edit

In Season 9, Pablo Punchwood was sent to Fort Bamford, also known as the Prison of Soarvivors. Punchwood escapes by recruiting several inmates and causing a prison riot by beating up the guards. After several misfires, Punchwood finally escapes. But before Punchwood escaped, he was bitten by the Warden which is causing some strange side effects.

The Escapists | S9E01 "Prison of Soarvivors!" | Day 1

The Escapists | S9E02 "Cutting Cell Bars!" | Day 2

The Escapists | S9E03 "Howdy, Neighbour!" | Day 3

The Escapists | S9E04 "Doctor Disguise!" | Day 4

The Escapists | S9E05 "Streaking Incident!" | Day 5

The Escapists | S9E06 "Guard Takedown!" | Day 6

The Escapists | S9E07 "Biggest Crew Ever!" | Day 7

The Escapists | S9E08 "RIOT!" | Day 8

The Escapists | S9E09 "Warden Surrender!" | Day 9

The Escapists | S9E10 "Prison Takeover Escape!" | Day 10

Season 10Edit

In Season 10, Pablo's brother Elfwood is introduced.  Elfwood is Pablo's younger brother who is tired of living in his brother's shadow, so he moves to the north pole as is living the when Santa closes his Sweatshop.

Season 11Edit


Because of the nature of this game, there are many, many different guards and inmates that appear; in fact, there are far too many to list. As a result, only notable characters are listed in this section.

Officer BentleyEdit

Probably the best known character in The Escapists is Officer Bentley. He has appeared (in various roles) in Seasons 3, 4, 5, and 8. From early on, Punchwood and Officer Bentley never liked each other, and it is always Punchwood's dream to lay Officer Bentley out on the floor at least once in every season (although, this doesn't always happen).


Benjamin from Fhurst Peak Correctional was Pablo Punchwood's archnemesis in Season 1, although in later seasons, Punchwood and Benjamin learned to live with one another, and other inmates became Pablo's main enemy.


  • In later seasons, certain inmates become guards at other prisons, and vice versa.
  • In newer versions of Escapists, there is a Warden by the name of Warden Paul Soares Jr

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