On this page, you will find PSJR's custom speechbank used in the Escapists from Season 4 Episode 5 onward. This page lists all the things Paul has made the inmates say, in addition to the default lines.

Giving an inmate an itemEdit

  • Pretty cool stuff!
  • Not too shabby
  • I'm your biggest fan!

Inmates walking aroundEdit

  • Time for the contraband shuffle!
  • Someone took my Cheryl Tiegs poster
  • I saw KISS in '78
  • You missed clay
  • I'm a Soarvivor!
  • Survive and Thrive
  • I made the first Minecraft tutorial
  • The spy-chickens sent me
  • I heard Punchwood escaped Jungle Compound
  • They say Punchwood escaped Stalag Flucht
  • I heard Punchwood broke out of Fhurst Peak
  • I was framed by a spy-chicken
  • They say Pablo Punchwood escaped this prison
  • Holes always lead to adventure
  • I heard Punchwood sailed away from HMP Irongate!
  • I'm a walkin talkin goodie bag!
  • ZOMG! It's La Cucaracha!


  • Corn dogs again?
  • Got any Crabby Patties?
  • Wish they had finger burritos like at San Pancho

Talking to a guardEdit

  • Stinkin' bums

Guards at rollcallEdit

  • The dang fools about to get their cells searched are...
  • You're worse than spy-chickens
  • What a bunch of turkeys
  • Quiet down you stinkin' bums!


  • Tell us the story about ****ie the Dolphin (this is censored by the game)
  • Pretty cool stuff


  • Please..
  • What I ever do to you?!
  • Use your words!
  • Do I look like a goodie bag?


  • My fingers hurt
  • Ever seen these quads
  • Flexing me biceps

Guards when removing sheetsEdit

  • Did Punchwood teach you that?
  • I hate your curtains

Inmate witnessing an escapeEdit

  • Say hi to Cheryl for me
  • Goin to Disney?


  • My WHAT is showing?
  • You work with spy-chickens?
  • You're no Pablo Punchwood


  • Punchwood strikes again!


  • Cheryl called
  • Your KISS tickets expired 40 years ago

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