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Paulsoaresjr as Pablo Punchwood

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The Long Dark is a survival roguelike game, set in the Canadian North, which replaces Stranded Deep on Paul's main channel.


After sailing away from HMP Irongate in Season 6 of The Escapists, Saul Goodman decided to hook Pablo Punchwood up with his girlfriend, Cheryl Tiegs, in a log cabin in Canada. Unfortunately, similar to Stranded Deep, Punchwood's airplane crashed, and he ended up crash-landing in the Canadian North -- nowhere near Cheryl Tiegs, unfortunately. As a result, Punchwood is all alone in the Canadian North, and he must survive all alone, similar to the way he does in Man vs. Minecraft.


In The Long Dark, Punchwood has to worry about several things. Of course, there's always food and thirst to worry about, but aside from that, it's very cold in Northern Canada in the winter; finding appropriate clothing is a must for Punchwood, if he's not to freeze to death. Luckily, when the inhabitants of the wilderness left their cabins and camps, they left many things behind, ranging from a rifle to food to water, to (in some cases) their frozen corpses. Punchwood often searches these bodies (remembering his days in prison, when every prisoner was a goodie bag), but, unfortunately, not every corpse in The Long Dead yields lots of stuff. He does, however, find many things in bins, backpacks, cabins, and (sometimes) just lying on the ground.

Over the course of the series, Punchwood visits pretty much every location on the Mystery Lake map, from the Camp Office to the Trapper's Homestead (which was his main base for a time) to the Carter Hydro Dam, the home of Fluffy the wolf. It is in the Carter Hydro Dam, after cooking and eating Fluffy, that Punchwood has a very strange dream...


  • Pablo Punchwood -- the main protagonist of the series
  • Fluffy the Wolf -- a wolf who appeared in the dam and nearly killed Punchwood in Episode 4

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