• Hi. I am the creator of the new AdventureWild page. To sum it up Jumbomuffin has changed a lot with his youtube. Now it's called adventure wild instead of jumbomuffin17 and he has removed all of those videos. 

    Basically, I needed to create a new wiki page because I needed to chage the name of the wiki page title to adventurewild instead of jumbomuffin17. Although as a random, I can't edit page titles. Basically what's happening is there are now two identical pages with two different titles, one with AdventureWild and one previous one named jumbomuffin17. It's no big deal. All that needs to happen is for the previous jumbomuffin17 wiki page to be deleted, witch of cource I can't do.

    Also, what needs to happen with this is that all previously linked names need to be updated. What I mean is that there needs to be a hunt for the remaining links to the wiki article jumbomuffin17. That is of cource if there are any left out there (I did one already). Those links to his youtube channel wiki page need to be redirected and renamed to the adventurewild page. 

    Sorry if I cause any trouble. I just want to make sure the wiki is working properly for any Paul fans. ;3

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    • Just to be sure, with no mistakes, I ment Jumbomuffin27, not 17.

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