Minecraft Tutorials - E37 Tower of Power - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive II)

Minecraft Tutorials - E37 Tower of Power - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive II)

The Tower of Power is one of Paul's main and commonly used building in his Survive and Thrive series.

List of Episodes(Construction and Features)Edit

A list of all videos involving the construction and add-ons to the Tower of Power.

E34 Spiral Staircase Tower

E35 Nether Portal

E37 Tower of Power (Part 1)

E38 Tower of Power (Part 2)

E39 Enchanting Basics

E40 Potion Brewing Basics

E45 Piston Drawbridge

E50 Iron Golem Sentry

E67 Frames and Flowerpots

E77 Smelting Netherrack into Brick

E78 Daylight  Sensors

E79 Hopper Basics


Tower of Power is easily the largest building in Survive and Thrive (height and area). It is made entirely out of Nether Brick and Netherrack (though on side used to be cobble). It has five floors, including the roof and basement. It starts with a very recent addition, the Nether brick stairs leading up an extreme hill where the tower stands. It is surrounded by a perimeter fence with the iron door the only way in. This is to prevent mobs getting in and the sentry getting out. The sentry is an iron golem named Iggy created by Paul in E 50 to keep away any monsters if they happen to get past the fence (Spiders mostly). The entrance to the Tower has even more protection: a lava moat with a piston drawbridge, powered by a lever on the inside. The ground floor is the first floor entered. The first floor is the enchantment floor, where Paul has his enchanting table powered by bookshelves. The second floor is where Paul does his brewing. There is also a balcony on this floor. The basement is where the Nether Portal stands, making a lot of noise for him, making the tower more mysterious. The roof gives a full view over Paul's world. It has Netherrack that gives off endless fire. Finally, to get to these rooms, Paul uses the first part of the tower made, the spiral staircase. It is a staircase that goes around a long spruce log with Netherrack walls and glass panes for windows. It is the only part of the tower made of wood. All other windows are made from Nether Brick Fence. On the stairs, he uses Daylight Sensors to light up his staircase to the tower. :Paul likes to do a lot of redstone projects with the Tower, but the tower's construction (narrow instead of wide) severely hinders his progress. Nevertheless, he has managed two redstone projects, the first being the drawbridge and the second being the semiautomatic netherwart farm (replacing the old one Paul originally made in the nether but accidentally destroyed when he deleted the files).