The tower of power is a building that paulasoars jr made. In episode 36 i think of "how to survive and thrive". note- as of ep 38 or so the toer is nether brick

Rooms of the towerEdit

entrance- the entrances room is the spot with the moat and the lava. It also has a little crafting spot and 2 large chests and a furnace. also two iron doors to enter the tower of power

'Libray-ah the magic floating things that come out of books this is what happens in paulsoarsjrs libray and on the table in the libray it books can float this day keeps on better and better! anyways this is also where paulsoarsjr enchants.!!!!!     brewery- this is where chimestry happens and where paulsoarsjr gets his points villagers also come here and learn chemistry                        nether wart farm/roof-this is where you can farm the warty nether warts and get agreat view of tutorial ville. stairs- the long stairs lead to the tower'       note this is my first page please correct mistakes -minecraftlovermc!                                                                                                                                                                    

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