Hello Everyone!

Recently I have noticed a large amount of hostility over the spy chicken page and I’d like to clear a few things up.

1.       This is a family friendly wiki, there is no swearing, implied swearing, or insulting allowed. Bans will be issued for these offences if I see it happen again. Do not think that if you’re just a “wikia contributor” you can’t be banned. You can be.

2.       There is no rule against role-playing. However, this is NOT the place to be doing it. This is an informational wiki, not a community. If you are looking for a community check out, which is Paul’s official community.

3.       Also, moderation duties are for moderators and admins. That is the reason we have them. We will deal with rule breakers accordingly.

4.       When you are creating pages, remember that this is an informational wiki. Pages on here should contain content that is confirmed. The former incarnation of the spy chicken pages was a good example of what to avoid.

5.       Finally, I cannot stress this enough: Paul does not visit the wiki. He simply doesn’t have the time. So please direct any comments for Paul to

Thanks for your time and happy editing.

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