In the past, I have seen a lot of abuse on the wiki, which break every rule, but there has been no action taken. The admin and moderators(?) have been absent. The admin is on Punchwood, like I am as ArrowheadDusk, so that must be his explaination, but I do not know of any moderators on the wiki. With neither of them, I always have to change the page back to how it was, and nothing is done to the person who made the edit. I've also noticed that most of these people are 'anonymous wikia contributers'. Obviously, they think nothing happens if they do these things anonymously. I don't have time for the wiki either, so I really don't blame the admin, but I do check in to at least make sure there's nothing dirty going on and change anything bad back, but that's really all I can do. But, finally, to be very fair, it's Summer, it's right that Josh905 should take a break from administrating, as long as he takes action on everyone who has tried to mess up the wiki (I couldn't think of any better term).

Hope this helps the wiki in the future.

Unnamed899, aka ArrowheadDusk.

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