So... I haven't been on the wiki in ages!!! One of the major changes I've seen is the wiki has a new admin, and that's great, we haven't had an active one since...  last June? It was close to that time. I've spent time on Punchwood and Super Hostile wiki, I haven't had any time for PSJ wiki. However, a minute ago, I found the time to make an edit to an arcticle: I updated the list of episodes on the Mindcrack SMP page, and improved the Mindcracker list. That took a while to write, 44 episodes! Including the last episode of Season 3! And 24 Mindcrackers![26 Mindcrackers now -Edit] And Shree! And Dinnerbunny (I've been watching Vechs too, clearly). Hopefully, I'll be able to get back into 'activeness' soon. Let's see how I do this week.

Unnamed Arrow (I recently found that signature works)

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