Inferno Mines E01 "Mooshroom Path" (Vechs Super Hostile)24:09

Inferno Mines E01 "Mooshroom Path" (Vechs Super Hostile)

Inferno Mines

Paulsoaresjr's thumbnail of Inferno Mines

Inferno Mines is the newest series recorded by Paulsoaresjr, replacing his outstanding playthrough of Waking Up (Only One Death, thanks to Inventory Wipe Horror Fest)


To begin with the latest series, Paul goes over the rules once again. Once that's done, he went over to choose-a-path and chose the food option, leading him on his 'path to mushrooms,' where he reunites with Fanny, or as he now calls her, Franny because "Fanny", in Britain, is an innapropiate word. This is his 4th or 5th Vechs map (5th if you include Super Hostile training)

List of EpisodesEdit

  1. Vechs Inferno Mines E1 "Mooshroom Path"
  2. Vechs Inferno Mines E2 "Flamevenom Spiders?"
  3. Vechs Inferno Mines E3 "Abandoned Dormitory"
  4. Vechs Inferno Mines E4 "Nagging Sensation"
  5. Vechs Inferno Mines E5 "Soarean Shelter"
  6. Vechs Inferno Mines E6 "We are professionals"
  7. Vechs Inferno Mines E7 "Raging Zistonians"
  8. Vechs Inferno Mines E8 "Circus Carting"
  9. Vechs Inferno Mines E9 "TNT Cart Malfunction"
  10. Vechs Inferno Mines E10 "Anvil Drop"
  11. Vechs Inferno Mines E11 "The Magical Spider of Everforge"

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