Inferno Mines

Paulsoaresjr's thumbnail of Inferno Mines

In this first episode of Vech's Inferno Mines, Paul goes over the rules once again, then sets off to Skylight B so he can reunite with Fanny, or as he now calls her, Ferny. Along the way he gets a Flame Bringer, a level 100 unbreaking and knockback I Flint and steel, which is used to keep away the zombies and skeletons etc. He reaches Amanita Caverns and helps himself to the food and a bit of equipment. He then attempts Upper Mines but got pushed back to Amanita Caverns.

Notable Obtained ItemsEdit

  • Flame Bringer - A flint and steel enchanted with Knockback I and Unbreaking C (100). Can be used as a weaker substitute for the Zistonian Battlesign.

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